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Weekends with Mitsueki | gobear x MileLion Miles Masterclass x Shun Feng Crayfish Tasting Dinner – 7 April 2018

Weekends with mitsueki is a series whereby I share WHERE and WHAT I’M UP TO over the weekends in Singapore! Sometimes it’s mundane and sometimes it’s not but regardless, I love my weekends no matter what! 😀 Follow me on my IG / IG stories @mitsueki for live updates!

I know weekends are supposed to be rest days but today, was a pretty jam packed one with two back-to-back events! Sometimes I do regret overbooking myself occasionally when I need an actual break but okay la it was a fun filled day regardless. Still, at least I can rest on Sunday so that’s a big motivation factor for me to keep going, lol! 😀

Anyway, I woke up to this affirmation of the day~

Be thankful for everything that comes your way – be it good or bad – mitsueki

But first, eye mask for those dark eye circles! Personally, they don’t work at all since mine is hereditary but pampering my eyes is a good reason to use it also 😀 This photo is filtered obviously; I don’t look this good lol!

Took the opportunity to sleep in for abit (clocking 6 hours of sleep today) but this means sacrificing the free lunch buffet at my 1st event of the day! But eh, nvm sleep > food lol! Settled with peanut butter and bread 😀

Eating my sandwich on the go..everywhere lol. While waiting for my Grab!

While taking my ootd of the day!

But not in my Grab la. I held my sandwich (what’s left of it) all the way cos usually you can’t eat in cars/cabs lol. I had a really chatty driver this time and enjoyed our conversation otw to my destination!

One of the topics => the awful / hideous /clashing color combination of this rented car. I didn’t really notice until he told me and now I can’t unsee it. It’s quite awful lol!

Woot, woot – made it to my first event, the gobear x MileLion Miles Masterclass! Was so blessed to get a free ticket to this sold out event which I won from a giveaway at the Seedly Personal Finance Community (SG) Facebook page! 😀

The turn out for this first ever Masterclass on mile hacking/miles class was great! As mentioned, it was a sold out event with over 200+ participants D:

The $25 ticket (mine was free ah) came with a free buffet lunch but the first session was already starting so I had to give it a pass. What a pity, the spread looks good D:

For your reference, these were the 6 sessions/classes available throughout the day! We had to choose to attend either one of the sessions and they are all hosted by the lovely bloggers/founders behind The Milelion / Mileslife and Cardcow! Lol, in case you were wondering, I chose to attend the following:

  • Session 1B – Advanced Miles I
  • Session 2B – Advanced Miles II
  • Session 3A – Hotel Hacks

I was damn lucky I chose all 3 of them because they were ALL hosted in the same auditorium lol! My lucky day or what? This means you don’t have to keep switching between rooms woo! I stayed in the same room from 1pm all the way till 5pm lol!~

No photos or videography was allowed during the session so this is pretty much the only photo I have from the class lol. On the whole, it was an excellent learning experience (even an eye-opening one!! Like, OMG the amount of MILES that Aaron of the MileLion has..everyone’s jaws DROPPED) I had today. So MUCH information, personal tips and hacks were shared by these experts of the field and it’s really inspiring to make me want to try it out as well in the future!

But for now, whatever I’ve learnt = filing in the back of my head and in my notebook! Don’t say I never share some of the notes that I took down on my notebook below hor. But you probably can’t read it at all or will find it difficult to decipher (even I can’t do it sometimes)!. Sorry luhs, I scribble instead of writing lol! ;x

Regardless, this sharing culture is amazing; and they will probably be having another similar masterclass within next year so do sign up next time if you are interested 😀

It will be worth your $25. Confirm lol. 

There’s even a lucky draw component inclusive in that $25 ticket lor. Not bad but I didn’t win anything – so sad :<

Oh and I even met one of my new friends, Alvin that I got to know through the Seedly Facebook page! HELLO HAHAHA!!~ Online friends meet in real life so of course must commemorate this moment with a selfie! 😀 It was hilarious though because I didn’t know he worked at gobear LOL! -_-ll

Rushed off next to a tasting dinner at Shun Feng Crayfish Delight over at Yishun/Khatib area! Believe it or not, this girl – yes, me had all of these bowls to herself because it was a solo tasting dinner LOL. Actually there is another bowl (not featured in this photo) so in total, I tried FOUR bowls of crayfish / lobster / prawns and red grouper soup respectively that night! D: Wanna read more of my dining experience and what I thought about it? Then head on <HERE> for my review of Shun Feng Crayfish Delight! ^^

Oh yeah, also spotted around the same coffeeshop (yes, you read that right – this was in a coffeeshop!) was a cheap matcha latte for only $1.60! I don’t know if it really comes with latte art for that price though…… lol! dubious face

Been noticing this new trend of hawkers eschewing  the old for a new modern look, design and feel to attract/appeal to the younger crowd – just like this hipster looking rojak stall called The Rojak Hut!

Was walking around and waiting for my Grab driver and passed by this old school HDB provision shop called Kwe Kah Trading! Bought a bottled water here for only 50 cents. Cheap luhs!

Was so tempted to buy one of these old school biscuits only only $1 as well..but I resisted the urge. But man, you rarely get to see such prices in Singapore nowadays~ Doesn’t this picture bring a sense of nostalgia of the past?

Got home that night and insisted on doing a short run. Not my best timing/speed/distance as I was honestly quite shagged. It’s been a tiring week so far >< Regardless, as I mentioned earlier – just keep pushing through 😀

Cut mangoes from my mom 😀

And despite eating sooo much, I couldn’t resist eating my favourite animal butter biscuits T__T If you think about it, it’s $2 for this box which is quite expensive but this is worth it!! You MUST buy the Japanese version for the most authentic taste; and it can now be bought from DAISO ^^

Teehee and finally had some time to checkk out the Gobear goodie bag I received earlier from the Gobear x MileLion miles masterclass! Mighty generous and useful/practical things I would say 😀 We also had a free 10 day KVS tool membership (Diamond) for all attendees – really not bad huh?

Well, tiring day, off to bed at 3am today but SHIOK, gonna sleep in for tomorrow to repay that sleep debt ;x

Oh ya, to end off this post – just to share something positive about #life off IG from @psimonmyway; read it below(:

Indeed, let go, enjoy the ride and TRUST the journey(: We will ALL get there one day 😀

Thanks always for reading!~ ^^

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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