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Chronicles of a Typical Office Lady in Singapore: 5 April 2018 – Tanjong Rhu Pau x Feedspot Top 30 SG Lifestyle Bloggers x Fairprice Xpress Snack Hunting

This is a series of blog posts about my daily life as an office lady in Singapore during a typical workweek. I know this series sounds like a big deal but actually, it’s just full of mundane parts of my life in general HAHAA! Follow me on my IG / IG stories @mitsueki for live updates!

The week just FLEW past in a blur, just 1 more day to the weekend that we are all looking forward to! 😀 Meanwhile, here’s sharing my daily affirmation to kick start off the day~

Live a life with PURPOSE. Or at least, try to! – mitsueki

Morning brekkie was a funny one – eggs, bread and pau. Idk why I find it funny too but maybe the pau looks kinda out of place here HAHA!

If you have been following my daily posts, then you will know that this pau was the free one that the uncle gave me from Tanjong Rhu Pau yesterday! Yep, this is the xiao rou bao that my mom really likes! ^^ I personally prefer the char siew but this is not bad too! Do try it out~

OOTD with a white blouse and maxi skirt! This combo always makes me look slightly older – more office-lady-ish no? ;p

Crazy busy day as always though; but it’s just a matter of pushing through and getting things done! Then finally, lunch time! Hehe today’s lunch looks gooooooddd! I have greens, fruits, carbs and protein = overall a very fulfilling and satisfying lunch! You can read about my food prep (plus how I got my food for less than $5!) in my post yesterday HERE! ^^

Took some time during my lunch break to do some research for my upcoming Japan trip and stumbled upon Mitzie Mee’s blog. Gawd, her posts are hilarious – I literally choked on my lunch while reading. Definitely worth a read/follow. Hilarious (but with useful information too!)!

Wanted to get some Eclipse from BUZZ near my office but in the end, ended up getting this Roller Coaster Honey Butter flavor and Hi-Chew Lemon Lime candy for almost the same price as an Eclipse mint HAHAH!

Oh and random – was tagged on Facebook and I received the notification! YAY! Guess who got listed? 😀

Yay!! Was featured in the Top 30 Singapore Lifestyle Bloggers and Websites To Follow in 2018 by Feedspot! I don’t think they ranked it according to positioning ba; but I’m so happy to be listed as the first one regardless! Really made my day at work ^^

Decided to reward myself with an Eclipse LOL! But I was smarter this time round! Went to Fairprice Xpress instead near my office and GUESS WHAT? Eclipse mints were ON SALE from the usual $3.60 => $2.50! What a STEAL! Luckily I didn’t buy it just now yay 😀

Since I was at a supermarket..guess what Daph did as usual? LOL yes, explore again! Gawd, I LOVE supermarkets and I can spend hours here just browsing through the items here and checking out what’s new (at least to me!) or things at great prices! 😀

Starting off with the Ritz Lemon flavor biscuits! 12 packets for $3 wors~ I’ve not tried the lemon flavor at all have you? D:

This looks new! Chips More Hazelnut chocolate chip cookies!

Fairprice Xpress and Cheers are having this promotion where you can get this adorable lucky cat coin bank for $4.90 with a minimum purchase of $5! It’s very cute >_<~

Oo, new snack Cousant baked snack from Thailand! Looks interesting! Was almost tempted to get this~

Twisties Cherry Tomato Bomb flavor? D:

I didn’t know that FairPrice launched their own potato chip series – did you? Going at $1.35 looks okay; but nothing really catches my eye. I think the flavors are very safe/boring!

Surprisingly, there were loads of Japanese products at this Fairprice Xpress including this UFO Flaming Hot Seafood fried ramen!

Languly Hokkaido cheese flavor!

Morinaga Bake Creamy Cheesecake!

Nissin Cup Seafood Cup Noodles – the original from Japan (very different from the usual in Singapore)! But at $4.50 per pop, I set it down 🙁

Lol, Paldo Crab Chips! They look pretty yummy~

Newly spotted – did you know you can get yogurt ice cream at an affordable $2.50 here at FairPrice Xpress? D: SO cheap lah! Looks interesting too 😀

FairPrice Xpress stepping up their game with loads of imported Taiwanese drinks (i.e Papaya Milk, Red Bean milk tea etc!) and unique drinks! Was so tempted to try the Soyfresh Hershey’s Cookies & Cream but it looks a tad too sweet D:

Myojo noodles also up-ing their instant noodles game with interesting flavors including a VEGETARIAN option and more!

The most interesting one The Myojo mee pok dry! Shall get this for my airbnb owner in Japan if I remember to bring it over + buy it in the first place 😀

Oh and POKKA also up-ing their usual POKKA Green Tea range with the new POKKA Green Tea Peppermint flavor D: That’s interesting!

Oh yes, I saw that you can pick up Chef In A Box food items here but what’s more interesting to me is that you can also get satay from Leo Satay here!

Love pratas but too lazy to cook? Spotted too is the PA pratha with curry potatoes and it’s a 2 minute microwave meal! So convenient!! D: I swear..I was gonna buy it LOL!

Last but not least -my favourite Meiji milk had an offer of 2 bottles for $2! Too irresistible for me and I added it to my shopping basket without a second though! D:

Chocolate milk for dinner v1!

Didn’t run today; it had been an exhausting one and I just wanted to veg out lol. Dinner #2 was sliced mangoes from my mom! Miss Thailand’s sweet mangoes the best tho~

Dinner V3, more fruits HAHA!

And dinner V4 of snacks! Gawd, my snacking habit is non stop :<

I actually fell asleep while writing this post the night before – well, sometimes you don’t know how tired you are until you just lie down for abit and just literally crash and that’s when you know you need to rest~

Regardless, just gonna keep going – my long awaited break is coming really soon and I am really, REALLY eggcited:D

Thanks always for reading!~ ^^

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