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Chronicles of a Typical Office Lady in Singapore: 29 March 2018 – Wanderess + Toho Seika Potato Fries Snack + Solo Movie Me-Time

This is a series of blog posts about my daily life as an office lady in Singapore during a typical workweek. I know this series sounds like a big deal but actually, it’s just full of mundane parts of my life in general HAHAA! Follow me on my IG / IG stories @mitsueki for live updates!

“She was a wanderess; a drop of water. A free spirit”

That was my newly keyed in affirmation into my daily affirmation app this Thursday morning! Can so relate to it very much ♥️

Anw, brought my cheap 30cents snacks for sharing with my fave kakis! If you missed out where I got them from; read my previous post on Wednesday! 😉

Brekkie for the day!

As always, just another busy day at work! Chiong till lunch and it was my salad lunch again.

Felt kinda sad eating it though as there was absolutely NO MEAT! I’m a huge meat person and not having protein makes Daphy a little cranky to be honest lol.

Again, chiong-ed work till teabreak time! Decided to try out my Japanese potato chips cos Ruida tried it earlier that morning and it looked good! He told me it tasted pretty good too and I really wanted to give it a try~ FYI this is the Toho Seika Potato fries grilled beef flavor!

The packet comes with four big pieces of potato chips – the largest I’ve ever seen! Super crispy and crunchy; I really liked it! And for 30 cents..this is a STEAL!! If I’m not wrong, this snack is a classic childhood Japanese snack!

Did a quick IG video here also..listen right to the end of the crispy CRUNCH!

Lol yet another vain ootd in my office toilet because it felt SO AWESOME to knock off at 5pm due to Eat with Your Family Day! Perfect way to start off the upcoming long weekend no? P.s it’s always so shiok to wear jeans on dress down day at work!

Had movie plans for one aka myself (courtesy of Mr J, kekeke) and decided to settle dinner with takeaway kebab dinner from Epikebab. Needed some protein aka meat and there was plenty in my roll!

Debated between ordering movie popcorn and cheap snacks. Guess which one won LOL

Btw spotted new flavors from one of my fave snacks Shoyuemi Snek Ku Seaweed and Shoyuemi Snek Ku Seaweed black pepper!

Random free mala snack I tried on the way. I had no idea what I was eating lol!

Pacific Rim 2 time! Ratings are pretty low so I went in with no to low expectations and came out of it thinking it wasn’t THAT bad. But ya probably a 2.5/5 as well for me. It wasn’t anything epic but a mindless fighting/action/robot movie with some basic and relatively predictable storyline. Save the world yo.

Yes, I watched it solo and it’s really cool to do so. Try it for yourself some day ;p

Window shopping for abit! Sian, Cotton On sales are really tempting at times!!

Love just looking at these organizers at Typo!

And you know – t’was a beautiful night that night. 😊

Running to end off the day and work at night as usual(:

Simple life in a way hehe. Most importantly, am so happy to sleep in cos tml is the start of a LONGGGGG weekend woo!! 😸

Ending this post off with a quote again!

She is just some wild thing. Let her laugh, live, love and roam free on her own terms and she is sure to come back to you! ♥️

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♥ mitsueki

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