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9 Food Stalls at Maxwell Food Centre where you can order Fu Zhou Fishball Noodles, Shark’s Meat, Craft Beer, Black Soya Beancurd & More!

Pardon my suaku-ness but I’ve never really been to Maxwell Food Centre even though I’ve heard that the food is really good there!

Which one is good ah? Please don’t ask me – I also don’t know; everyone just tells me the food is good lol. You can Google the answer as well! I think the most common answer is Tian Tian Chicken Rice!

Anyway, other than the usual stalls selling commonly found local food such as chicken rice, sliced fish bee Hoon, chicken wings, Western, satay and the usual seafood options – I decided to spend some time walking around on a lookout for other more stalls selling more unique/interesting/unconventional food options that can be found at Maxwell Food Centre and I’m happy to share my findings with you below!

Note that I only looked at stalls that were open at night during my visit when I was having a staycation nearby so I may have missed out some of stalls!

#1 – Fu Ji Fu Zhou Fishball Wanton Noodle 福记福州鱼丸云吞面

At Fu Ji Fu Zhou Fishball Wanton Noodle, you can order their fu zhou fishball and wanton noodles starting from $4 – this is a pretty rare sight in Singapore as not many places offer fu zhou fishballs on their menu! They also have green spinach noodles starting from $3!

#2 – Tong Xing Ju 同心居 Special Shanghai Tim-Sum

My first time seeing Shanghai ‘dim sum’ at a hawker centre! They have interesting choices such as Shanghai Rice Cake from $4, Pei Jing Noodles/Hor Fun starting from $3, hot and soup soup and of course the usual guo tie!

#3 – Sisaket Thai Food

There is a Thai food stall called Sisaket which offers really affordable Thai food!

The best value item I see on their menu is the green curry with rice for $4.50 – something I don’t see often in a hawker centre vs a restaurant! The rest are averagely priced imo!

#4 – Seafood White Bee Hoon Kitchen

I know that there are alot of seafood white bee hoon places in Singapore but rarely have I seen one that comes with an option of LALA! Price is relatively affordable too for a Lala Sliced Fish White Bee Hoon starting from $5!

#5 – 3rd Culture Brewing Co + Hangar Coffee Express

This is pretty new – you can get craft beer on tap and artisan coffee from 3rd Culture Brewing Co and Hangar Coffee Express (Melbourne/Aussie style coffee) respectively!

#5 – Ramen Taisho ラーメン大将

Next to 3rd Culture Brewing Co and Hangar Coffee Express is Ramen Taisho and it serves up tonkatsu ramen at really affordable prices starting from $6.80 – good to pair with the craft beer next door! An interesting option is their sambal ikan bilis ramen at $7.80! Also, can’t believe you can have black garlic ramen for $7.80 – I know Crystal will love this place! There’s also seafood tsukemen for only $8.80! D:

#6 – Aliff Rojak

Lol no, Aliff Rojak is not in my list because they tout themselves to have the best rojak in town!

Instead, what’s interesting is that they have a western style mutton steak / mutton chop for $5, mee kuah for $3.50 and the mee/beehoon/nasi combo for $7! Looks not too bad ^^

#7 – Teochew Rice & Porridge

Teochew Rice & Porridge may seem like your ordinary teochew porridge stall until you look at the menu offering and spy “shark’s meat” at $2 per plate! I was like EH? SHARK’S MEAT? O_o The auntie looks really friendly and kind too, would go back to give it a try as mentioned in my post here ^^

#8 – Woong Kee Traditional Beancurd

Beancurd stalls are dime a dozen but what’s interesting at Woong Kee Traditional Beancurd is their black soya bean curd (tau huey) made with black soybeans at $2 – apparently the only one in Singapore? Go give it a try 😀 The logan nata de coco grass jelly at $2.50 also looks super refreshing ^^

#9 – Hock Kee Food Stuff

I know this is not a food stall but it’s rare to find such old school biscuits and bread being sold in Singapore and it’s really lovely that you can get your hands on their traditional snacks at a hawker centre – which is why I added into the list (: Would totally drop by here to to buy some biscuits and bread for my mom / colleagues and friends 😀

I’m sure that there are more stalls at Maxwell Food Centre which I didn’t cover/mention in my list above! So feel free to go explore the food options available OTHER than sticking with the usual fare! I don’t know about you but ..don’t you think it will be more interesting to try them once in a while? 😀

Hehe anyway, thanks for reading!

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