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3 Of the Best Countries for Holidays to See the Northern Lights!

Watching the Northern lights is an enchanting experience, and if you follow the advice from the experts, you can make it even better! Whether you go alone or with family or friends, this is guaranteed to be a trip of a lifetime! Whether you believe it or not, the destination you choose to view the incredible Aurora Borealis does make a difference in your experience(: This is why you must ensure that you visit a particular country at the RIGHT time so as to watch the stunning Northern Lights in all their clarity!

Moreover, viewing the surreal Polar Lights is on the bucket list of countless people around the globe and we are sure that this includes YOU reading this post! So, that’s why we are so happy to share with you – the three best countries for holidays where you can see the Northern Lights and be AMAZED by their magic!

#1 – Alaska


To begin with, visiting Alaska to see Aurora can be a wonderful experience especially from August to mid- April. It has the best location to see the northern lights by being two degrees below the Arctic. It is also easily reachable because of its proximity to the airport. All this makes Fairbanks in Alaska, the best place to see northern lights in the United States of America. You can choose from the numerous tours offered in order to enjoy the place truly. There are also some other attractions like Denali National Park that you can enjoy amidst nature. Fairbank’s forecast system is also incredible so you can rely on them and plan your days accordingly.

#2 – Northern Canada


Canada is definitely an expensive destination to consider to view the Northern Lights as opposed to the other destinations. If you factor in the long-haul flight, it’s going to cost a considerable chunk of money. However, people still regard it as an attractive destination to witness the Aurora Borealis owing to the unmatchable experience it promises. Canada covers a wide range of cities to witness the Polar Lights including the provinces of Newfoundland, British Columbia, and Yukon. If you are in Northern Canada, it’s highly likely that you will get to see this miracle and an exceptional scientific phenomenon of a lifetime. Northern Canada also offers other kinds of action if you crave for something other than the Aurora. You can indulge in some whale watching or bask in the freshness of the plethora of waterfalls in the South of Vancouver.

#3 – Greenland


You can visit Greenland for an incredible aurora experience between the months of August to April. You can travel to the south of Greenland that is endowed with elegant auroras and some other attractions too. Even if you visit the place in summer, you can find small floating icebergs that look spectacular. The Qaleraliq Glacier is also one of the most lauded attractions in that area. You can directly land in Nuuk and enjoy the place for a mind-blowing Northern Lights experience.

The Conclusion?

Northern Lights are something that one must visit at least once in a lifetime! It is a miracle of nature and leaves everyone in awe when they see it! There are many places in the north where you can see the northern lights, but we have personally shortlisted three of the BEST locations for you to enjoy it and get an enthralling experience of a lifetime! Yep, these places are known to have the best views for all those who want to witness this miracle. Moreover, you can reach these places easily without much of a hassle unlike some other places up in the north! 😉

We hope you find this post useful if you are ever planning to go view the Northern Lights one day! Feel free to share with us when you planning your Northern trip!

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Note: This is a guest post written by Yogi and Suchna from TheVillaEscape! Look for us if you are interested to see the Northern Lights in Finland!

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