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Do you know that you can ALSO order FISH AND CHIPS other than Chocolate Pie from McDonald’s Singapore from 1 March 2018?

Yeah McDonald’s Singapore is launching the chocolate pie on 1 March 2018, yes we know that. But do you know that they are ALSO launching Fish and Fries on the same day too people? Like hello? It’s like McDonald’s Fish and Chips?!

McDonald’s Singapore Fish & Fries

I thought this is cooler than the chocolate pie even though McDonald’s Malaysia has it! ~_~  Plus, this means more choices than the usual burgers in McDonald’s you know? FYI, the McDonald’s Fish & Fries Extra Value Meal with Fish & Fries, a packet of small fries and a small coke starts from $7.90!


McDonald’s Singapore Sweet Chilli Fish Burger

In case you are interested to know, there’s also the new sweet chilli fish burger launching on the same day too. The only interesting thing about it is that it is using a different type of burger bun from the usual. According to the press release, it claims that it is a ‘tasty chili bun’. Not sure what that means but if you plan to try it, the sweet chilli fish burger extra value meal with this burger, a medium fries and a coke will start from $7.50. Surprisingly even cheaper than the fish and chips EVM mm? Wonder why.

McDonald’s Chocolate Pie

Lastly – like relax guys, it’s just chocolate pie -_- McDonald’s Chocolate Pie going at $1.40. I guess it’s pretty cheap though. I would try if it’s not already sold out by the time it launches. I predict long queues. Good job McD!

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Otherwise, feel free to let me know if you plan to try any of the new McD offerings. I know I’m definitely trying that fish and chips just for kicks and the chocolate pie too if I can get my hands on it lol 😀

Prepare for the queues on 1 March 2018!

Note: This is a press release sent to me by McDonald’s Singapore but all opinions are of my own! All image credits to McDonald’s Singapore!

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