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mitsueki’s Treat Yo’Self Day | Solo Airbnb Staycation Singapore x Supermarket Shopping – 24 February 2018!

mitsueki’s Treat Yo’Self Day is a series where I’m learning how to treat / love myself better on the days where I declare it to be TREAT YO’SELF DAY!  If you wanna know more about my daily life before I post them here on this blog – then follow me on my IG and watch my IG stories @mitueki! I’m super active ;p 🙂

Here’s sharing the morning affirmation that started this series! 😀

Treat yo’self – a concept that I’m still trying to learn!

Lunch was homecooked food by momma on Saturday! Really happy and blessed to be able to enjoy all the simple food that my mom prepared – mexican chicken wings from CP Food (which my mom is an advocate of), fuzhou fishballs and my mom’s boiled soup! 😀

P.s this is a fuzhou fishball – a Taiwanese fishball with meat inside! It’s usually pork but there have a chicken variety as well!

Today was supposed to be a day trip to JB with Mr J but due to his work commitments; he had to cancel at the last minute. Still, to fulfill my 2018 resolution to travel/have a staycation every month..I last minute booked a staycation the day before at work and was lucky enough to get a host with immediate availability! For your reference, I book my staycation off Airbnb (Sign up HERE for $45 off your first booking of $100 and more)!

Yep, just decided to treat myself to this staycation – I think I deserve it :X

Hehe and I’m getting really good at packing fast for staycations without a packing list and I was ready to go! Grabbed over to my staycation place~

For your reference, I paid less than $110 for a staycation here, offset using my credits of course! Note that I do not disclose the exact address of my airbnb locations/host as this is after all their own personal homes!

Let me bring you around a room tour! If you prefer a video format, I actually posted it on my IG (@mitsueki)! Otherwise, read on for more photos and comments! 🙂

This was the view from my room – directly facing the swimming pool! It’s quite sad that no one is actually using the pool at all during my stay. So wasted!! I wanted to go swimming but I was on my you-know-what so that was pretty much out of the question sadly.

I even have a little garden / seating area outside my bedroom!

Onwards to my bedroom with a Huge king? queen bed? I had a really good night’s rest here! 😀

Plenty of things were provided by my host including free coffee/tea/milo, cups / mosquito repellent, maps of Singapore and even vitamin C!

Kettle for boiling your water as well as a tissue box (SO IMPORTANT) and a mini clock!

They even have a mini fridge and a free bottle of Dasani water! 😀

My host even provided travel adapters and there were plenty of power sockets around the room!

Area to place my luggage and bags for the night! Laundry bag at the back too!

A little cozy seating area. Note that there was no TV in the room!~

View of my room from the other side! Looking really comfy and cozy no? 😀

HELLO OOTD with my cheapo $3 top and trusty MDS Collection skorts in the mirror!

Towels, hangers and hair dryer were provided in the cupboards!

Onwards to my awesome bathroom! I loved the Perankan touch here!

Extra toilet paper and insect repellent below the sink!

Some bathroom amenities were provided – a first I’ve seen in an airbnb home HAHA!

I had a choice of a shower / bathtub to choose from and I made use of both that night! Did not expect a bathtub because I didn’t see it in the original listing so this was a nice surprise! 😀

My base was all set up for a work/play/treat yo’self solo staycation! 😀 Not too bad huh? Now go treat yo’self to a staycation too! Remember that you can get $45 off if you sign up with my link on Airbnb HERE! 😀

First up was to take my advertorial photos for an upcoming sponsored post for! First time wearing such a dress and here’s a sneak peek! 😊

Pretty much lazed around and did some writing before dragging my lazy ass out when my hunger pangs hit me. LOL I have this issue of not knowing when to stop working sometimes. If I had food that I brought from home to eat, I probably wouldn’t have stepped out hahaha. But I reminded myself it was TREAT YO’SELF day!

The pool was so nice at night but ah well, pity I couldnt use it! Consoled myself by thinking of the bathtub instead~

Oh ya, bought so many numbers for CNY and didn’t huat a single thing. Sad life lol

I got judged by this kitty cat by the pool. If you watched my IG stories (@mitsueki) – you would have known why HAHAH!

Went hunting for dinner and was so sad to see that the Beach Road Prawn Noodle House was closed by the time I reached!

Well, off to explore the rest of the district on foot to find something to eat then! Spotted Penny University but no feel for cafe food!

Firebake looks good but nay!

Spotted Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice and Mongkok Dim Sum! Shortlisted the former as my dinner place because it’s been YEARS since I tried Boon Tong Kee!

Passed by this furniture store that sells rosewood furniture so if anyone’s looking for them, here you go => Gnee Hong Furniture!

Walked all the way till 112 Katong Mall and popped by to take a break! Walked past this cinnamon roll and decided to treat myself to one! Quite pricey though as it was $2.80 after GST for a mini one. But well, treat yo’self day so okay lor 😀 Would have been more worth it to get the 3 for $6 deal but forget it cos I just wanted ONE!~

Passed by this really lovely shop called Therapy Market that sells ADORABLE corgi mini potted plants – so damn cute can?! SO tempted to head back to get one for myself! 😀

This same shop also sells dried flowers if anyone is looking to buy them 🙂

Popped by Jason’s Marketplace and spotted this box of arrowhead chips! Again, treated myself to one – heck the calories and price! Let me tell ya..I FINISHED THE ENTIRE BOX WITHIN 1 HOUR LOL!!! Siao man, arrowhead chips are damn scary, luckily they are only sold during CNY or else #fatdieme!

Treated myself also to sliced mangoes at an overpriced amount but I kept chanting my mantra – treat yo’self and so I went ahead to buy it!

Some random interesting and new things spotted at the supermarket – Tiger Beer Radler Lemon / Yogurt Candy from Korea / Kit Kat Crunchy with Hazelnut!

With not many food options left at this time after I went shopping / wandering around – I had my eye on Pizza Hut! Didn’t know that Pizza Hut is now offering this takeaway kiosk concept similar to Pezzo Pizza called Pizza Hut Express! Slices are also VERY generous per piece! Price point is also relatively affordable too as seen below! Unfortunately, the counter was closed when I approached her; ah well not fated to have Pizza Hut for dinner!

Something interesting I spotted as well – BreadTalk  now sells traditional ice cream sandwich for $1.50 giving those ice cream uncles outside a run for their money o_o

Made a round and decided to settle on Boon Tong Kee for dinner but it was CLOSED! Damn sad because I had a hankering for chicken rice..and I had no feel for dimsum at Mongkok dimsum!

Random but this restaurant name is hilarious – I should bring Crystal there, she will appreciate this lame humor as this is totally up her alley lol.

Popped by the FairPrice Express at the large ESSO petrol kiosk at East Coast to have a look see.

Treated myself to an Archie comic!

Great lobang to share with you all! Buy 3x Milo UHT packet drink cartoons for $48.80 and you can get a FREE Milo trolley bag! D:

Other than the normal butter ready-to-eat corn – they have it in black pepper and garlic cheese respectively! Interesting flavors~

Series of Loacker Quadratini flavors including a few that I’ve not seen below – Neapolitan, Cocoa & Milk / Raspberry Yogurt!

Yan Yan chocolate milk dipping looks new!

ADORABLE Tsum Tsum biscuits for only $4.90 for 8 packets – damn worth it! Would have gotten it for a gift or something but I didn’t have an occasion so boo.  It’s so cute though!!

This was something really interesting that I spotted – a HUGE packet of Ruffles Super Crunchy Spicy Crab flavor potato chips for $9.90! Check out my Archie Comics for the size comparison!

Did a random video on IG on this too!

Was tempted to get the Kit Kat mini mocha flavor for Mr J but I already bought so many kit kats HAHAHA! Nvm, next time 😀

Unique Calbee flavors and I bought the chocolate potato chips to try to see it can match up the usual freshly baked chocolate potato chips at stores i,e at Harajuku!

Also spotted these pudding / jelly series – mango pudding / red dates jelly / passionfruit jelly / almond jelly! Bought the mango pudding one!~

Love peanut butter and chocolate so this combi looks good! Bought it for my daily brekkie this next week~

Damn random but I also spotted this FlorMan Rose Blooming Cleanser at a promotional price of $16.90!

Love chilli crab and wanna bring it to your overseas friends? You can solve this problem by getting this Vismark singapore chilli crab! Also perfect for takeaways at home!

Dinner was settled to be a heated up hot dog bun!

Walked back and passed by a dragon/lion dance. Quite rare to see a dragon one in general!

Note to self and Mr J ;p

Loots for the night after checking out the district and wandering about!

And finally.. all my dinners!

This includes this durian ‘popcorn’! Only $1.80 for 2 packets so I got one for myself and the other for Mr J!


Ended off my treat yo’self staycation with an Archie comic while soaking in the bathtub! What would make it perfect will be a bubble bath x bottle of moscato but well, I didn’t come prepared!

And that’s it for my own TREAT YO’SELF day on Saturday!

Meanwhile, don’t forget to treat yo’self once in awhile too okay?

Thanks always for reading! 😀

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♥ mitsueki

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