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10 TIPS on how to get T-Shirt Printing services under $10 in Singapore!

T-shirt printing is considered a very popular service in Singapore whereby people from various backgrounds such as local businesses & marketing agencies like to design and print their own T-shirts! Moreover, in the new modern era of marketing and branding, even traditional businesses like F&B have up their business strategies by printing custom t-shirts for the employees~

Pizzaboy creative way of printing QR code on T-shirts.

This is because what is being worn is a very strong brand awareness to customers and T-shirts are considered the simplest form of publicity in the eyes of the audience! Personally, I feel that a great t-shirt or customised apparel can project how well a business takes care of its marketing~

And let’s not forget about the youngsters in secondary school/polytechnics too! CCA & Class t-shirts have also been trending because it gives them a form of identity for whom they represent. People also need to get t-shirts printed for representing their brands, a rally or a social cause as well!

All in all, for whatever reason you might want to design and get a t-shirt printed, it can be a really expensive production and can put a heavy load on your budget. This is especially true for first time customers who have no idea what factors to consider when designing their desired apparel!

On the brighter note, there is no need to worry because my friend, MEOWPRINT is going to share with you certain tips and tricks to take into consideration while designing your t-shirts. At the end of this article, you will definitely gain the knowledge on what to look out for to get your t-shirts printed within the price range of $10 – so READ ON for more! 😀

Tip #1 – Choose higher quantity!

T-shirt printing set-up cost can get expensive for minimal orders. For example, if you only order 5 t-shirts, then the set-up costs will only be spread among 5 pieces, and that can get very expensive. We are looking at, at least $15-$25 a piece even for a basic design. That’s a far stretch of what we want to achieve.

When it comes to T-shirt printing in Singapore, MEOWPRINT recommends to have at least 20 pieces in quantity. This tip alone can easily half your price quotation, according to the t-shirt printing experts. This is because the set-up cost is cheaper for at least 20 pieces. The higher you go, then you will definitely have more savings. Not only will the cost be lowered, you will definitely enjoy bulk discount pricing.

Printing t-shirts in Singapore is similar to getting newspapers, business cards or invitation cards etc. Their pricing system is similar. The t-shirt printing companies in Singapore have different rates per the size or volume of the order. So, the larger your order is and the higher quantity you choose, the less you will have to pay for t-shirt printing in Singapore. Some T-Shirt printing companies in Singapore will also waive off delivery charges when the quantity of their order surpasses a certain limit. So, do not forget to take note of the quantity when considering to go for t-shirt printing.

Tip #2 – Choose lesser colors!

By limiting the number of colours on your t-shirt you will end up saving loads of money. The reason behind this is that additional printing colour onto your T-shirt requires more tools and more stencils into the process of t-shirt printing which adds on to the set-up cost as mentioned previously. This is also one of the major tips that will help you save money when considering T-shirt printing. For designs with many colours, there are other methods of printing such as Digital heat transfer printing which can be another option of printing to save money.

Tip #3 – Choose ready stock items in the catalogue!

When it comes to T-shirt printing, for more budget-friendly options, you can always go for the ready stock items in the catalogue. This is because these items are already made in very bulk quantities to save on the cost price. You can leverage on this. Most ready-stock items can meet your basic requirements when it comes to T-shirt printing.

Unless you are preparing to customize something unique for your apparels, then expect to print for more than a budget of $10. But for many of us, choose the items that are ready-stock catalogue to save money. To save time, check out MEOWPRINT’s T-Shirt printing catalogue as they carry the biggest range of apparels in Singapore! Save time now~

Tip #4 – Choose basic items rather than premium items

Quality definitely comes with a price. Premium items cost a lot more than the basic items because they require more effort and customization to make. If you follow the first few tips closely, you may eventually grab the premium items under $10, depending on your printing requirements. Otherwise, save up your cash by choosing the basic items instead of the premium ones.

3 different Dri-fit material for Round neck T-shirts, priced different based on whether the fabric is basic or premium quality.

Tip #5 – Choose a normal lead time delivery

Leadtime is the time that is needed for the completion of the project. If you choose a normal lead time delivery then you will get your order within a reasonable price. If you try to get your order rushed, then chances are that you will be charged at least 15-20% extra due to rush orders.

This is due to the fact that when you choose a lead time delivery and try to rush your order the t-shirt printing company has to put your order in the production process by stopping the work on another orders which disrupts the time management and production process. To save cost, do remember to start planning early when designing your t-shirts.

Tip #6 – Reduce the locations of printing on your t-shirt!

The more the locations of printing on your T-shirt, the more it is going to cost you. This is due to the reason that more manhour has to be put in to print at different locations. Even if your design for front and back printing may be the same, it is considered 2 locations. Hence, double the job-time required as production is unable to print front and back simultaneously.

1 Color printing on the front only. Cheap & Affordable.

So, if you want to get T-shirt printing services under 10$ in Singapore, then you must limit the locations of your designs on your T-shirt. As mentioned earlier, keep in mind that the front and back of your T-shirt do not count as one printing despite having the same design. It is considered a 2- colour print job.

Tip #7 – Choose a white t-shirt!

This may be true for most, but not all apparels. Usually white coloured T-shirts are cheaper than the other coloured T-shirts. This is because white t-shirts do not need to be dyed at all or in other case it does not take a lot of effort to dye a white t-shirt. Less and cheaper ink and setup is required in printing designs on a white coloured t-shirt. This makes the production process of T-shirt printing a lot shorter which makes it slightly cheaper. However, do check with your T-Shirt printer if there are any further discounts for white apparels.

Tip #8 – Choose Silk-screen printing method!

Silk screen printing method of printing is the most common method of print when it comes to printing t-shirts. As compared to embroidery, heat transfer, sublimation and other exclusive method of prints, silk screen printing set-up cost is very straight-forward. Prices can be calculated instantly. Do check out MEOWPRINT as they are the only T-shirt printer to offer instant pricing on their website! This will help you save a lot of time. Not to mention, silk screen printing is very cost-effective at high quantities.

Tip #9 – Choose a T-shirt printing company who is more established!

When it comes to choosing a company, cheap does not always mean good. Although this article focuses on saving money, we did not mean save on quality as well. Don’t go for very cheap printing services and end up having a disastrous experience for your order. Not only do you have to re-print to get what you want, you will definitely not get back any refund for the bad experience. For quality printing, MEOWPRINT offers value for money services and many of their past customers has nothing but good words for them. They have printed and customized T-shirts for big corporations such as Google, Singapore Airlines, Avery, Surbana Jurong and many more.

#10 – Choose the right T-shirt printing technique!

There are numerous techniques for T-shirt printing in Singapore. Some cost more than the others. Although we mentioned that silk screen printing is the most common method of print, there are no perfect methods. Each method caters to different needs of the customers. So, choose the most reliable method of printing by seeking advice from the T-shirt printing companies. Who knows, embroidery, a known method to be expensive, could turn out the most cost-saving option for your requirement!

And there you go, MEOWPRINT’s 10 tips to get T-shirt printing services under $10 in Singapore – hope you find them useful! And if you need any recommendations for any T-shirt printing services in Singapore, you can check out today! 😀

Thanks always for reading!(:

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