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Random Conversations with my Uber Driver – Why you should always wear a seat belt in the car!

Random Conversation with my Uber driver is a series whereby I share snippets of the conversations I have with my Uber driver in the car and I think they are pretty interesting/useful/legit.

Had a conversation with my Uber driver today where he reminded me to wear a seat belt in the car – despite being in the back passenger seat!

Do you know that wearing a seat belt is actually a requirement by the law though it is usually not enforced so strictly? I always wear a seat belt whenever I am in the front passenger seat but never in the back seat!

However, my Uber driver mentioned that the LTA officers nowadays might not be Singaporeans hence, are not so forgiving if they do spot passengers not wearing the seatbelt. That’s a hefty fine of $120 or so! Note that if you think about it – this doesn’t just apply to private hire drivers such as Uber/Grab drivers but your parents/loved ones or yourself driving a car fyi!

Lol, anyway – my Uber driver was using an app that would detect police officers lol and he pointed out to one in front and asked me to pretend to wear the seatbelt. I was like – “No need la uncle, I wear seatbelt for u okay?”

But ultimately, for your own safety – its recommended you do buckle up anyway. I’m sure you’ve read all the news articles of passengers dying in Uber/Grab car accidents right? 😅

So buckle up I shall from now on! Better to be safe than sorry! 😝

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