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[MACAU] Freshly Baked Portuguese Egg Tarts from Margaret’s Cafe E Nata!

It’s a MUST to get your hands on some freshly baked portugese egg tarts when you are in Macau! There are so many choices to choose from but the two highest ranked places to get them from will be Lord Stow’s Bakery and Margaret’s Cafe e Nata! 

Margaret’s Cafe e Nata

It was easy for us to get to Margaret’s Cafe e Nata as it was just a 5 minutes walk from our hotel at Hotel Lisboa!

During our stay in Macau, we visited Margarets Cafe e Nata twice to get our hands on the yummy egg tarts! It gets really crowded on the weekends so you might not get to sit and eat your egg tarts ya?

I heard that no photos are allowed in the shop so here’s one taken discreetly! They don’t just sell egg tarts; but homemade sandwiches, other freshly baked pastries as well as cold/hot beverages!(: 

But seriously, we were there for the egg tarts! On the first visit, it was a Friday so we managed to snag some seats to enjoy our freshly baked egg tarts. First impressions? A beautiful looking pastry!

Priced at 10 MOP (S$1.80) per egg tart – you will get to sink your teeth into a dense, slightly sweet and creamy caramelized egg custard encased in a crispy fluffy pastry! Best eaten fresh and on the spot!

This is our second time at Margarets Cafe e Nata and the portugese egg tart was consistently good!

As you can tell, it was relatively crowded when we visited it the 2nd time on a weekend afternoon. No seats this time so we stood in front of the shop to enjoy our fresh egg tarts!

Mm just look at that custard! Delicious – this is Wx’s favourite portugese egg tart! For me, I prefer Lord Stows’s custard over Margaret E Nata though! 😝

Worth the calories guys. So worth it!

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