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Thai Airways Economy Class Review (SIN-BANGKOK-SIN) TG404 / TG409

Took Thai Airways for my Bangkok birthday trip in 2017! It was my first time flying with them and I heard pretty good reviews so was pretty excited! Plus its a full fledged airline so double YAYYY! 😊

Took TG404 from Singapore to Bangkok!

And then TG409 for my Bangkok to Singapore trip back!

Waiting to board Thai Airways! ❤

Seating configuration for my airline both ways were 3 x 4 x 3 if I remember right! Very large overhead compartments which I liked – wayyy better than budget of course hahahah!

Not a huge fan of 3 seaters at the side but since I always take the aisle seat now; not a problem hahahhaa! #frequenttoiletgoer

Complimentary pillow per seat! Blankets are given inconsistently though – on my flight there, it was offered to every passenger while on my flight back, blankets were only available on request.

Of course we have the entertainment system and audio headsets!

The entertainment system is pretty decent, plenty of movies, shows, music etc to choose from. Was satisfied!

In terms of food, we had the in-flight meal twice – 1 time during each way. The first time we had an option between chicken noodles and seafood rice (if I recall right).

We opted for the chicken noodles which was really not too bad!

On the return trip, we had an option of chicken noodles (yes, again!) and fishball green curry.

Wx had the chicken noodles once again while I opted for the fishball green curry. Quite meh but eh, free food so why not? Lol!

It was only a two hour or so flight so I can’t really say much about the service other than it was brisk and efficient throughout both flights. Smiles were all around – especially during boarding and particularly when saying byebye (duh!)! 😝😝

And of course, the frequent toilet queen has to review the toilet onboard as well right? LOL

Small and sufficent, the usual airline toilet and stocked with the basics – hand soap, disposable cups, napkins and tissue. Additional bonus for hand cream but nothing special. Usually the toothbrush amenities etc are provided for long haul trips in general in case you were wondering.

Hahahha ending off this post with a toilet selfie in the aircraft toilet!

Overall, I really do like flying Thai Airways! I will definitely be looking to book them again on my next trip to Bangkok perhaps this year if the price is right? 😀

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Thanks for reading! ❤

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2 Comments on “Thai Airways Economy Class Review (SIN-BANGKOK-SIN) TG404 / TG409

  1. hello! thanks for all these useful information! may i know how much is the flight for 2 ways? thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Cindy! No problem (: The flight was relatively affordable at $250 for a return flight! I booked it early though! Definitely cheaper than budget air but sometimes it’s worth it to splurge once in awhile for a full fledged airline!

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