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Salted Egg Cornflakes & CNY Festive Bakes from Bobthebakerboy + FREE DELIVERY PROMO CODE!

I love cornflakes and was really excited when Bobthebakeryboy sent over their latest CNY goodies comprising of their new SALTED EGG cornflakes aka Salted Egg Joys, their original cornflakes aka Honey Joys, cookies and pineapple tarts to me recently! Note that Bobthebakerboy is a home based bakery ya?

Quote “MITSUEKIxBobtheBakerBoy” for FREE delivery with a purchase of 4 bottles and above! 😊

Salted Egg Joys

The salted egg cornflakes / salted egg joys is a unique spin on the usual honey cornflakes that I’m used to! Sadly, it was a tad too oily for my taste!

Honey Joys

Would still stick to the original honey almond cornflakes / honey joys! This is really a popular hit with my colleagues once they tried it and a couple of them decided to go ahead to order them for CNY! 😊

Pineapple Tarts

The pineapple tarts were not too bad but I prefer an open faced tart as a personal opinion! My colleagues liked them and a few of them ordered after trying as well!

Caramelized Crunchy Cookies

I really loved the caramelized crunchy cookies though! They come in 3 flavors of earl grey, chocolate and oatmeal raisin. I recommend the fragrant earl grey! 😊

Thanks always to Bobthebakerboy for these CNY goodies! ❤

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♥ mitsueki

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