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Current Gaming Addiction: 旅かえる / Tabikaeru / Journey Frog + Mini Guide! #mitsuekigaming

The latest trending game right now is 旅かえる aka Tabikaeru aka Journey Frog aka that frog game which everyone is playing or talking about! It is created by the people (Hit-Point) behind the popular Neko Atsume game in case you were wondering! 😀

My Experience Playing 旅かえる / Tabikaeru / Journey Frog 

The frog game is a relatively simple game and here’s my quick guide / experience of playing it below if you are interested to read more~ Oh yeah, you can name your frog traveller too! Mine is 小青 (Little Green!) 😊

Collect clovers from your garden every few hours. This is your in-game currency! The clovers are used to purchase food for your frog’s travel journey to the unknown! Different food have various functions, you can read the English translation HERE! I feel like a mom prepping my food for my baby’s journey whenever I do this 😂

A notification will pop up letting you know that your frog has left home to explore the world on his adventure while taking his backpack filled with your food as he goes along. The home feels kinda empty without my 小青! Please travel safely and come back to me 😢

There is no standard timeframe when 小青 will be back. It could be an hour? A few hours or even a day! You will be informed with a popup notification when 小青 is back!

When he comes back, he will bring a variety of things – from clovers / lottery tickets / souvenirs from his travel!

And that’s the basic gist of the game for now! I like the fact that it is such a simple and casual game (with cute graphics to boot) so it doesn’t take too much of your time! Plus it’s pretty fun so far!

How long will I play..? Now that one I’m not too sure but for now – I will be at home waiting for  小青  to come back with his loots from Japan!(:

Now if you want to read an in-depth how-to-play guide with English translations – you can refer here. Otherwise, explore this game on your own and have fun! 😀

Oh ya, for your easy reference – here are the download links on PlayStore and Apple Store 😀

iPhone (iTunes):
Android (PlayStore):

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