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[EUROPE 2015] London – Day 10: Chinatown / Leicester Square / Back to Singapore!

This is the last post of my Europe trip with Wx’s family back in 2015! It was a night flight back to Singapore so we still had plenty of time to hang out with his relatives before heading to the airport!(:

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Here are some selfies taken throughout the day with his relatives and family!

Started off with breakfast at our new favourite cafe near our airbnb apartment!

His relatives then brought us around to view the sights of London that we haven’t visited – including Chinatown, Leicester Square and more! They even brought us on a tour to their university grounds (really sorry I forgot which one) and we had a great time!

Sadly it was too soon before it was time to leave for home!

Just check out all our luggages for 5 of us during these 10 days hahaha! They helped us to call for a minivan as it couldn’t fit into their cars (for obvious reasons!) and it was all good!

Reached Terminal 2 of Heathrow Airport and we proceeded to check in for our flight!

Direct flights are awesome..but really tiring to be onboard for HOURS!

Selfies before the flight and the mandatory one onboard!

Bye London, bye Europe – till we meet again!

All my meals onboard this flight. Most of the time was spent watching movies and sleeping – what else is there to do right? 😂😂

Hello home. It always feels good to be back in Singapore, my home no matter what 😊

Counting my blessings for the opportunity to travel to Europe. I’m blessed and my heart is full.

I’ll be back again one day – this time to make NEW memories; maybe with Uncle? Heh 😊

Thank you so much for following this Amsterdam/Paris/London travelogue all these weeks – and with that, it comes to an end! A new travelogue will begin soon – keep checking back everyday for daily reads ya? 🙂

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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