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[EUROPE 2015] London Day 7 (Part 3): Buckingham Palace / Oxford Street / Primarks / Fish & Chips

After exploring our airbnb, it was time to head out for a quick late lunch nearby.

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Cyprus Mangal

Decided to have a kebab meal on the go from Cyprus Mangal, a relatively popular kebab place just a few blocks down.


Beautiful views and random photos taken along the way as we walked to our next destination – the Buckingham Palace, approximately a 30 minutes walk away from our Airbnb!

Westminster Cathederal

Oh and a quick photostop at Westminster Cathederal (15 mins walk from our Airbnb) which was the halfway point to Buckingham Palace!

Buckingham Palace

Anddddd after a long walk, we reached our destination!

The imposing gates of Buckingham Palace. Naturally you can’t get to go in unless you sign up for the special tours and stuff so you need to make do with photos all around the place!
Everyone was peeking thru the gates to catch sight of the queen if they could hahah.

We didn’t see anything much except the classic guards in their iconic black and red outfits!

The Queen’s Gallery

You should really pay a visit to The Queen’s Gallery aka souvenir shop if you want to pick up some posh Buckingham Palace related souvenirs!

I wanted to buy so many things there but NOPE! CONTROL!! They were all really expensive and pounds at that point in time (2015) was x3 of Singapore’s money!

Luckily there were some more affordable souvenirs so I bought those instead HAHHAHAHA!

Victoria Station

Headed back to our airbnb place to drop off our souvenirs (wx’s mom bought LOADS as usual, hahhaa) before we were off to Victoria station to catch the tube (the nearest train station to our Airbnb place).

Plenty of shopping and whatsnot to see at Victoria Station!

Boy, it was darn expensive to travel in London! Our ticket was 4.80 pounds which was approx almost S$12-$14 per ticket back in 2015!! Now its around S$9 as the pound dropped. Still expensive for just a train ticket! So 5 tickets would be 4.80 pounds x 5 = 24 pounds = S$60-70 (2015) / S$45 (2017). That’s crazy!!

My suggestion? UBER everywhere esp if you are in a big group – which was literally what we did. Much MUCH MUCHHH cheaper

Oxford Circus

Took the tube to Oxford Circus! The initial plan was to take to Marble Arch, view the Marble Arch before walking down Oxfort Street to Bond Street station but it was wayyyy too tiring and we were meeting up with wx’s cousins in town for dinner after that.

Walked down the world famous Oxford Street / Bond Street and I snapped photos everywhere!

Primarks @ Oxford Street

Popped into Primarks at Oxford Street for some cheap shopping! Even after calculating the exchange rate, it was still cheaper than what you can get in Singapore – RECOMMENDED for souvenirs, gifts, clothes and knickknacks!

Bored while waiting for his cousins hahah~

Fish & Chips

Met up with Wx’s cousins who lived in London and they treated all of us to a good ol’ British classic – fish and chips at a local bar around St Christopher’s Place

Eyes almost bugged out at the prices HAHHAHA

Fish and chips with mashed peas and bread + butter on the side. Interesting combination lol.
Sadly, I wasn’t too impressed with the food in general. Fish & Co tasted wayy better in Singapore lol.

And of course – photos!

Hitched a ride with them to get back to our airbnb townhouse to end off the night!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned to Day 8 coming soon!(:

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