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[EUROPE 2015] Paris Day 6 (Part 1): PAUL Bakery / Walt Disney Studios Park

Day 6 was a day I had been looking forward during the trip as it’s DISNEYLAND DAY!!(:

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Paul Bakery

First up, we had a takeaway breakfast as usual from the train station in the morning! This time round, we tried the highly raved pastries from PAUL Bakery!

All the pastries and bakes in Paris look amazing and 90% of the time – they are! Super spoilt for choice!

Ordered croissants, savory bagels and chocolate au pain for all of us – really loved my croissant so much; it was one of the best I have ever eaten in my life!(:

How to get to Disneyland Paris?

To get to Disneyland Paris from Gare du Nord, here are my directions below as well as photos taken throughout the journey!
Take RER Metro Line #4, Gare Du Nord -> Chatelet Les Halles (switch trains, follow signs to RER A4 Line) -> Marne-la-Vallee Chessy (about 10 euros for the trip per person, approx 1 hour ride).

And FINALLY! We reached the happiest place on earth and one of my favourite theme parks – Disneyland! My dream is to be able to visit all the Disneylands in the world and I was so glad to be able to strike off Paris Disneyland on my list! My top fave will always be Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea no matter what though

Not much of a crowd heading to Disneyland that day and the weather wasn’t that fantastic either!

Obligatory photos taken outside Disneyland Paris!

We actually pre-purchased the tickets online prior to the trip at 62 euros per person for a 1 day park hopper tickets to both Disneyland Paris + Walt Disney Studios Park!

Walt Disney Studios

Decided to conquer Walt Disney Studios first since it was smaller and easier to cover!

Its a pretty small theme park as seen from the map and can be covered within 2-3 hours or less by foot if you walk fast and take on selected rides!

Main street with loads of souvenir shops!

Think most people spend ALOT of time at the theme park’s souvenir shops (esp Disneyland!) because the items are sooo cute!


Oh and of course, trying on all the cute Disney caps and such hehe.

Disney tsumtsum!

Monsters Inc area!

Since we had time, we went to watch the show. If I remember right, it was in French with no subtitles but still fun!

Random photos taken along the way!

And we reached the Ratatouille area! Its one of my favourite shows

Really wanted to dine at the official Ratatouille restaurant (Gusteau’s) but it was too expensive for 5 pax to dine at and they weren’t really interested. One day I guess (:

Since I couldn’t dine there, we sat on the ride instead. And I did get to see Gusteau’s restaurant within the ride I guess

Moving on to Toy Story world. Its almost exactly like the Toy Story Land in Hong Kong Disneyland with similar rides/looks and some new additions!
Some of the rides the rest of them took as I was too scared of heights hahaa.

Hopped on for a tram ride for the Studio Tram tour and it was pretty fun and interesting!

More photos around the Walt Disney studios!

Lunch at Blockbuster Cafe!

Settled lunch at Blockbuster Cafe within the park itself!

Mix of sweet and savoury food

Last look at Walt Disney Studios before we headed out!

 Next up? Paris Disneyland 🙂 Stay tuned!

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