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[EUROPE 2015] Paris Day 4 (Part 2): Cafe Le Petit Cardinal / Sight Seeker’s Delight Secrets of the Night Tour (The Pantheon/Notre Dame Cathedral)

 Cardinal Lemoine

And finally, we reached Mabillion Station! Our next destination was Cardinal Lemoine station just a few stops away!(:

Note that this is the Metro station, previously it was the RAR train!

Cafe Le Petit Cardinal

Since we were pretty early for our tour, this meant that we had sufficient time for a sit down meal at a nearby restaurant! The tour meeting place was at this restaurant called Cafe Le Petit Cardinal and it was an immediate choice for dinner due to the convenience(:

Some pages of the menu for your reference below!(:

And here’s what we ordered. First up was Orangina/water for each of us and then some chocolates from Patrick Roger!

All of us ordered a mixture of main courses of duck confit, steak and fites (?), roast chicken as well as a dish of escargots to share/try. Sorry I really don’t recall what exactly we ate 2 years ago! All I remember was that the duck confit was fantastic! The best I’ve ever tried(: Very memorable that Wx’s brother wanted to return to the same place to have it again!

Sight Seeker’s Delight Secrets of the Night Tour

The tour that we joined was a walking tour that I booked in advance called the Sight Seeker’s Delight Secrets of the Night tour. The tour starts at 7.30pm and is approximately 2.5 hours long according to the guide. However, in actual fact I think it was more like 3.5 hours of walking lol! Not recommended for the elderly as it can be quite tiring!

This tour includes a visit to Latin Quarter / Pantheon / Eiffel Tower (from afar) / Notre Dame / Pont Neuf / Louvre – all fully guided by an experienced local guide. We visited so many places (tourist places and hidden local delights) and learnt so much history/backstory throughout the tour – very interesting!

Check out the photo spam below to see where we visited!

Les Arènes de Lutèce

Les Arènes de Lutèce – an ancient Roman arena (yes gladiator immediately comes to mind!).

Rue Monge

Walking down the streets of Rue Monge!

You can find one of many Paris’s water fountains at loads of places including this double staircase corner at Escalier rue Rollin. Water is safe for consumption straight from the fountain!

Place Benjamin Fondane

Coming up the stairs, you will reach Place Benjamin Fondane!

Walked along the street of Rue de Cardinal Lemoine.

Wall of Philip II Augustus

Located the Wall of Philip II Augustus which is the oldest city wall of Paris!

Walking along Rue Clovis~

Genevieve Abbey Tower!

Love this apartment..or isit a hotel, mm.

The Pantheon

Finally we reached a recognizable tourist attraction – the Pantheon within the Latin Quarter!

View of Eiffel Tower!

Our guide showed us a beautiful spot near the Panthone where we could capture this view of the famous Eiffel Tower from far!

Beautiful especially at night!(:


Backtracked to view Saint-Étienne-du-Mont!


This is the famous scene where Owen Wilson sat in the movie, Midnight in Paris!


Passed by a number of cafes/bars/restaurants in this area.

Rue d’Écosse

Rue des Anglais

Walked along Rue Saint Severin~

A famous place – Rue De L’hotel Colbert (plus the actual Hotel Colbert above)!

Notre Dame Cathedral (Night View)

Continued walking till we reached the Notre Dame Cathedral!

So majestic and beautiful whether at night or in the day! Take some time to admire the architecture and structure!

Rue Saint Andre Des Arts

Backtracked towards Rue Saint Andre Des Arts!

The famous Café Procope, also known as the first cafe in Paris and the oldest cafe!

Apparently Napoleon and Voltaire dined here before :O

Rue Grégoire-de-Tours

Along the way to the River Seine, we passed by loads of art galleries around Rue Grégoire-de-Tours. All were closed but I did snap a few photos that I thought were interesting pieces!

The Little Prince Store!

Institut De France

Last stop was at the Institut De France!

Pont des Arts Bridge

And our tour ended at the Pont des Arts bridge aka the love lock bridge of the River Seine! Sadly, as we know – these love locks were removed from the Pont des Arts bridge. Previously, the tradition was to lock your love lock at the bridge before throwing the key into the River Seine but this practice was removed in 2015/2016 (after our visit).

Last view of the River Seine before we called for an Uber to head back to our hotel.

End of Day 4 in Paris!

It was a LONG, tiring day and we ended almost at 11pm if I remember right – so we walked for almost 3 – 4 hours hahaha! Very tiring but it was a good experience nonetheless!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned to the next part!(:

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