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Sponsored Video/Post: 3 Reasons why you should make Okinawa your NEXT travel destination in 2018!

Okinawa has been on my travel bucket list for awhile now ever since I’ve watched a few travel documentaries featuring this lovely island!

Known for it’s beautiful natural wonders, amazing food and unique culture – this is one destination you can highly consider visiting as your NEXT travel destination in 2018! View the video below~

Anyway, if you need more convincing to visit Okinawa, then let me elaborate more on the 3 reasons why you should book your tickets there in 2018! Read on for more below! 😊

Here’s sharing a fun fact: Did you know that the island’s inhabitants has one of the world’s longest life expectancy?

#1 – Explore Okinawa’s Natural Wonders

The diving sites at Okinawa are renowned for it’s beautiful waters, untouched water reefs and even underwater ruins – check out the popular diving spot at Miyako Islands or Yonaguni if you prefer a more remote site!

You can also choose to go hiking at Daisenkirinzan with 4 scenic hiking trails (including a subtropical forest trail!) to choose from or even horse riding by the pristine beaches!

#2 – Try out Okinawa Cuisine

Wanna know the reason behind the longevity of the island’s inhabitants? It all lies in their nutritious and healthy cuisine unique to Okinawa known as nuchigusui – something you should try!

Don’t forget to try out the awamori sake as well!

#3 – Participate in Traditional Okinawa Festivals

Festivals play a huge importance in Okinawa and you can be part of their traditional festivals as a spectator or even as a participant! One such event is the Naha’s Great Tug-A-War aka Otsunahiki Matsuri event – it would be so interesting to watch and experience the festive atmosphere or even participate!

Wow, I could list down even more reasons but these 3 are just the tip of an iceberg of what Okinawa has to offer! So what are you waiting for? Go book your tickets to Okinawa in 2018 today! 😊

This post has been presented by Okinawa but all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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