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[EUROPE 2015] Amsterdam – Day 2: Hoogeveen (Netherlands)

Woke up on Day 2 to a beautiful day! Amsterdam is a picturesques sight to behold in the morning as you can see above (:

And of course, full of bicycles everywhere you go hahaha!

First up is an ootd by our houseboat before we set off bright and early to Amsterdam Central Station!

Having walked the same route yesterday, we were pretty familiar on how to get there. Here’s snapping a few photos along the way!(:

Behold one of the cycling cities of the world! The number of bicycles parked at the station itself it mind boggling!

More photos within Amsterdam Central Station!

For today’s itinerary, we were headed to Hoogeveen to visit Wx’s relatives!(:

There wasn’t a need for us to purchase any train tickets since we already have the Trein Dagkaart that we picked up from Blokker previously. Just had to keep an eye open for the right train to take hahah! Do check it online before your trip ya?


First up, before boarding our train – we had to get ourselves some breakfast! There is a cheap 1 euro breakfast from HEMA but we were attracted by the delicious looking sandwiches from this bread shop called De Broodzaak!

Most of us opted for the 3 euro sandwich option

Looking for our platform station to board!

Lovely view from our seats as the train sped along towards our next stop. Depending on when you boarded the train, there will either be 1 or 2 transfer stops. 

The first transfer stop was a mere 30 minutes journey so we decided to have breakfast onboard the train at the 2nd longer train ride.

2nd train ride was bigger and comfy compared to the first.

Enjoyed our sandwich onboard as we admired the scenery!


The train journey ride to Hoogeveen takes around 1 hour 45minutes to up to 2 hours plus from Amsterdam Central depending on the train you take! Don’t forget to tap out after you get off the train(:

We met up with Wx’s relatives who drove us to the town of Hoogeveen.

The town is quiet and the residents were friendly. Here’s sharing some snapshots taken around there!

Wx and his mom used to stay at Hoogeveen when he was younger. She used to work at a restaurant there as well so this was relieving her memories of her time there before she came back to Singapore around 20+ years ago!

Our pitstop for some souvenir shopping! Think the shopkeeper must be pleased with her business that day as his mom bought ALOT of stuff there hahah!

We also had a snack stop at a popular frites place in Hoogeveen called Frank & Zo! Was my first time encountering this unique vending machine thingy and I couldn’t resist to order for fun!

Randomly ordered a pikanto mexicano to try from the vending machine.

And OF COURSE we had to have the patat frites! Really miss having it as it was my favourite snack in Amsterdam!

Went for a spot of shopping at a random shop as well before heading to our next stop!

First up, we visited the place of an ex-colleague/friend of Wx’s mom.

Enjoying drinks at her place!

But the younger ones had more fun with her dog as his mom and her friend caught up on old times!



Photos to commemorate that day!

Stopped by his aunt’s place for abit.

Then moved on to his other relative’s place which was also the last stop for the day! Omggg Jiaqi had a whole bunch of rabbits there and they were absolutely adorable!!


Had a home cooked dinner at their place with Chinese food!! Wahahhaa even though it was only day 2, it was still nice to be eating some Asian food though lol.

Some full family photos taken that day!(:

The rest of us spent the evening/night gaming and gambling away

Playing blackjack with a mix of Singapore coins and euros lol~

As nightfall drew closer, it was time to bid our farewells to his relatives as we needed to take the 2 hour train ride back to Amsterdam Central.

It was a tiring but fun day on Day 2 visiting his relatives at Hoogeveen!

Stay tuned for a more interesting day out at Zaanse Schans during day 3!(:

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♥ mitsueki

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