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[EUROPE 2015] Amsterdam Houseboat Airbnb Experience/Review

An interesting/unique accommodation in Amsterdam that you can book off Airbnb is a houseboat and that’s what I booked during our trip back in 2015! Most houseboats can only accommodate a small number of persons but it was fortunate that I managed to book a bigger one for a group of 5!

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Amsterdam Houseboat Airbnb

Our houseboat was docked permanently at Jordaan area and it was selected based on walking distance to Amsterdam Central Train Station and the prime location!

They also offered a van transportation option which we opted for since we were a group of 5 with 5 luggages HAHHAHA, cheaper than taking a cab definitely!

This is the first look at our houseboat the moment we climbed down the hatch. Very cosy and had the basic facilities/amenities one would need in general.

Dining table with fancy cutlery and dishes!

It comes with a kitchenette with a stove, oven, toaster, hot water flask, sink, dishwasher and other utensils and cutlery almost like a full fledged kitchen!

The “living room” area with a TV and iPod dock which also doubles up as a sleeping area for 1. 

The sofa bed for Wx’s brother as he would be sleeping out here

All the necessary remotes, Wi-Fi passwords and the house rules can be found at this corner here.

This is the first bedroom at the corner which Wx’s mom and sister shared during our stay. It’s a double bed and comes with a TV and amenities as seen pictured below.

Their bathroom with a sink and a separate standing shower. A hair dryer, toiletries and towels are also provided for use.

On the other end of our houseboat is where you can find the SINGLE toilet which all 5 of us had to share throughout the stay That was a little inconvenient but we survived lol.

Forgot to snap a photo but it’s behind this door. 

Wx and I shared the other bedroom next to the toilet. Similar to the first bedroom, we had a double bed, tv, towels and etc.

The biggest difference here is that we had our jacuzzi bathtub and sink area in our room!

Wahahhaha its a HUGEEE 2 person jacuzzi tub and it was pretty fun to soak in during our stay. What wasn’t fun was trying to shower in it properly though lol! Toiletries were also provided at the side including bath salts if I emember right!

Also in the same room with us but housed separately with a glass window dividing us is the motor/engine for the houseboat. Pretty cool huh? 

For us, the biggest issue we had for the houseboat was mainly the inconvenience of coming in and out! To get out/or in, you need to open up the hatch of the boat and you need to climb a set of stairs before taking a big step from the boat to the ground.

This means luggage is also an issue and the poor guys had to exercise their muscles to coordinate carrying down/up all our luggages hahaha. Luckily we had 2 guys!

In terms of safety and security, Luckily Amsterdam is pretty safe because technically you are staying out the open with just a locked hatch (PLEASE REMEMBER TO LOCK IT!) between you and any potential thieves lol.

Regardless the experience in general was pleasant but I wouldn’t recommend this houseboat option for really young children or elderly OR if you are prone to seasickness or motion sickness. You are technically staying on a boat and it bobs to the flow of the canal!

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