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Delicious Ramen at Ramen Nagi Suntec – Have you tried it yet?

Recently enjoyed a tasting session over at the newly opened Ramen Nagi at Suntec City!

Ramen Nagi @ Suntec
Suntec City Tower 2, North Wing, #01-512/513, 038989

The Place

Just to warn you – be prepared for a long queue during the peak dining hours especially at dinner time!

I love the bright, colorful and cheerful vibe of the restaurant! Most of the tables are catered to larger groups so couples will have to share a table with others!(:

One unique feature to mention is that ladies can place their bags in the basket under their seats!

The Menu

For your reference, here are the different types of ramen available at Ramen Nagi from the menu below!

  • Original King (Butao)
  • Black King (Kuroo)
  • Red King (Akao)
  • Green King (Midorio)

How to Order?

Ordering is done via an individual order chit and you can customise your ramen accordingly! This is what Crystal and I chose! Always love that I am able to customise my ramen accordingly to my preferences! 😊

Unique customisation choices include a choice between pork belly v shoulder as well as an optional add-on of Butao homemade fire sauce!

The Food & Drinks

Started off with drinks first – Fuji apple for Crystal and White Grape for myself!

The tamago doesn’t come with the ramen so you need to order them separately at $2 each! You get a beautiful oozing egg like this – an absolute joy to eat! ♥

Original King Butao

I ordered the Original King Butao and it was great! The soup base was delicious; not too thick like many tonkatsu soups I have tried at many places and the spicy sauce added a nice touch! The noodles went really well with the soup and I happily polished all of them off~ They are also generous in the pork slices as well! Oh and if you want your photo to be more IG worthy – go for the spring onion rather than the cabbage! 😊

Black King

Crystal had the Black King and it was definitely more photo worthy than mine! It’s not too often you see a black ramen base anyway. She chose the pork belly – a different option from the usual pork shoulder slices. This also depends on your own personal preference if you like your pork with more fats (belly) or lesser (shoulder)! Note that the soup base is pretty thick for the black king but everything does go well together!

Overall, a happy girl in general! Both Crystal and I agreed that we would definitely be back again next time!

Go try it if you haven’t and let me know what you think!

Note: This was an invited food tasting but all opinions are of my own!

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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