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3N Royal Caribbean Cruise 2017 (Mariner of the Seas) to Penang – Day 1

Went for my first Royal Caribbean Cruise recently on a 3N cruise trip to Penang onboard Mariner of the Seas in February 2017!

3N Royal Caribbean Cruise 2017 (Mariner of the Seas)

Preparation for the Cruise

As always, I will do my research and print all my documents prior to the trip. Its better to prepare/research in detail first in my opinion, but that’s just how I travel!(:

Marina Bay Cruise Centre

We were then off to Marina Bay Cruise Centre to board our cruise in the afternoon! Please read carefully where your cruise is docked as it will either be at Marina Bay Cruise Centre nearer to Marina Bay OR Singapore Cruise Centre at Vivocity!

Took the 3N DriveCruise package available at Marina Bay Cruise Centre as we planned to park our car here over the next few days. This will also ensure that your car does not get wheel clamped!

Didn’t deposit/check in our luggage as it was more convenient for us to carry it directly to our stateroom.

Checking In

Checking in is fast, just go through the scanners/body checks first. After that you need to fill in the Public Health Questionnaire before receiving your SeaPass card at another queue.

Time to board our cruise! No one was at the gangway so its picture time!(:

Your passport will be collected upon entering the ship!

We headed first to our stateroom! Usually it will be ready by 1pm (:

Interior Stateroom

We took the cheapest category to try out – the Interior Stateroom (windowless) but it was really not bad! Full room tour and pictures is up on THIS post!(:

Windjammer Buffet Lunch

Headed straight for our 1st buffet lunch at Windjammer! It was crazy crowded as everyone were having their lunch at the same time! Luckily we were able to find seats for 2 easily but big groups might find it a problem during peak dining timings!

Sampled multiple rounds of food at the buffet line! These are just mine alone 😂😂

Compulsory Safety Drill

Decided to explore the ship at a later timing as it was time for a compulsory safety drill at 4.30pm after the ship left Singapore at 4pm. Basically you just need to know where you have to assemble in case of any emergencies so that you can get onboard the lifeboats (150 pax in each boat!)! The crew also demonstrated how to wear the lifejacket as well before we were dismissed.

Cruise Compass

Everyday you will be issued the cruise compass with all the activities and shows available, opening hours etc and you can plan your activities accordingly.

One such activity we participated was the free casino classes whereby the dealers would be able to teach you how to play the table games such as three hand poker, caribbean poker, sic bo and more! This is also when you can freely snap photos in the casino as it is not in operation yet!(:

We took the rest of the time to check out the arcade and some other decks!

Super super windy out on the deck so it can be really difficult to get a proper ootd shot without your hair or clothes flying EVERYWHERE!

Gave up and decided to take my daily ootds indoors with poor lighting 😂😂😂😂

Comfy romper from Fashmob fyi!(:

Dinner @ Main Dining Room

Within a short period of time, it was time for dinner! We opted to eat in the Main Dining Room for our 3 course dinner! Note that My Dining Room diners only can eat at The Sound of Music at Deck 5! Will elaborate on the dining portion in a separate post!(:

Fine dining in casual wear and slippers 😂 Some people do dress up abit to be honest, like the couple behind us~

Daily bread and butter to start off!

The menu for Day 1!

Both Wx and I ordered the same starters – Bay Scallop Gratin! All mini scallops topped with melted garlic herb butter and served with a olive breadstick. Not bad but SUPER oily!

I had the Slow Roasted Prime Rib while Wx had the Herb Roasted Chicken! In general, the beef/lamb choices onboard are good and I never had an issue. Very good! His chicken was okay, a little dry though.

Dessert Menu for Day 1!

For desserts, we had the Lime Ginger Chocolate Cake (yum) and the Low Fat Warm Apple Dome with ice cream (nay for the apple dome, yay for the ice cream).

Act atas 一个 for my photo 😂😂

Shows on Board for Day 1

After dinner, we were off to catch our shows! First up, the Welcome Abroad Showtime starring the Ying Yo Duo at The Savoy Theatre. Always try to arrive early to get the better seats (:

The live orchestra and the performance was pretty good.

Ice Under The Big Top

Ran off just before the end of the show to Studio B to get good seats for the Ice Under The Big Top (ice skating show!). Note that you can only watch the ice skating show according to your dining schedule so do read your cruise compass properly! For example, for My Time Dining guests, our timeslot was 10.30pm on Day 1 (:

The ice skating show was great! Same performers throughout and they changed super quickly! However, they did take a couple of falls at times but they didn’t let it faze the performance – just clap for them! Really not an easy feat~ Overall, we enjoyed the show in general(:

Casino Gambling!

We spent the rest of night gambling away at the casino till 1am. Surpringly we did quite well at the slot machines, won some but lost everything so we broke even HAHHAH! Only played table games on the last day~

24 Hour Cafe Promenade

Guess what? We were hungry at 1am and went to the 24 hour Cafe Promenade to have some snacks of pizza and desserts. Now you know why we gained weight over the last few days! #fatdieus

Thats it for Day 1, stay tuned for Day 2!(: Thanks for reading!

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