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Food Review | Jaywalk Cafe @ CocoWalk Ratchathewi Bangkok

A failed trip to Caturday Cafe (closed on Monday!) led me to discover a new cafe located at CocoWalk – Jaywalk Cafe!

Jaywalk Cafe @ CocoWalk, Ratchathewi
90 Phra Athit Rd, Chana Songkhram, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand

Since we had some time to kill before our flight back home later, we decided to hang out the cafe for abit to get a respite from the heat and enjoy some dessert! Plenty of natural lighting in the cafe; great for photos!

The Menu

For your reference, here’s the full menu available at Jaywalk Cafe! Like many Thai cafes, they serve a fusion of both Western and Thai food including desserts.

Since we already had a heavy meal at my favourite local Thai restaurant, T.S Cuisine (also located at CocoWalk), we just opted for light items!

The Food And Drinks!

Wx ordered the Jaywalk signature Thai iced tea (105 baht) while I had a bottle of iced water (15 baht) to cool myself down. Their rendition of the Thai ice tea was an interesting one as it is a mix of Thai ice tea with panna cotta layered at the bottom. Personally I didn’t try it but Wx thought it was a tad too sweet.

Moving on to our dessert, we ordered another of their specials – the Chocolate Crunch Pancakes (240 baht) as I had a slight craving for pancakes! The pancakes came served pipping hot; layered with sliced bananas, drizzled with chocolate sauce and crunchy sweet caramel popcorn and topped with a vanilla gelato. Oh and don’t forget a healthy syringe worth of berry sauce! It was overall quite a decadent dessert and we quite enjoyed it! Definitely one for the sweet tooth(;

Overall, a lovely little cafe to spend our afternoon after before heading back to Singapore! Can’t wait to check out more cafes during my next trip to Bangkok!(:

 You are just like bacon; you make everything better – Jaywalk Cafe

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