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Concorde Hotel Mooncakes 2017 – Exquisite Mooncake Packaging!

The winner for one of the most exquisite looking mooncake packaging this year (in my humble opinion) goes to Concorde Hotel!

Exquisite Mooncake Packaging!

Here’s unveiling the mooncake box from the lux red suede carrier to present this gorgeous beauty! Absolutely stunning and will definitely impress as a gift for ladies!

This mooncake box doubles up as a luxury jewellery box so you can use it after eating all the mooncakes!

Individual Packaging!

For your reference – this is how each individual packaging looks like. Very sweet pastel colors (:

Concorde Hotel Mooncake Flavors 2017!

Some of the flavors I received include:

  • Bamboo Charcoal Dragon Fruit with Black Sesame

  • Golden Jade Lotus 1 Yolk

  • HK White Lotus 1 Yolk

  • Lotus 1 Yolk

Overall, am really impressed with Concorde Hotel’s mooncake box! The mooncake flavors come in a choice of traditional and unique flavors which is a nice touch too!(:

Interested to purchase? Head over to the Concorde Hotel website or their booth at Change Alley from now till the end of the September!

Note: This was a media drop but all opinions are of my own!

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