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Food Review | Kopi & Tea Cafe @ Parklane Shopping Centre

Can’t believe my colleagues and I have not tried eating at Kopi & Tea Cafe for years until recently!

Kopi & Tea Cafe @ Parklane Shopping Centre

Kopi & Tea Cafe is a small coffeeshop located at Level 1 of Parklane and apparently has been operating since 1991!

Kopi & Tea Cafe
35 Selegie Rd, Singapore 188307

Seating is pretty limited and it is a popular place during lunch as seen below!

The Menu

The menu is very wide and varied – we were pretty impressed! It’s like a mixture of zichar, noodle house and more all in one! Duck rice/Chicken rice/wanton mee/fish soup/laksa and more within 1 eatery – not bad huh?

Prices are more expensive in general compared to the usual coffeeshop prices but when there’s not much of a choice near my workplace..this is already one of the cheaper options with loads of variety to choose from hahaha!

It reminds me of a Hong Kong cafe with its no nonsense attitude from the servers as they take your orders. Be fast or you might get TSK-ED!

Here’s what we ordered during our lunch there!

Curry Chicken with Rice

Portion is alright and the curry is pretty tasty!

Wanton Mee

The wanton mee is really popular there! However, portion is small so do take note!

Fried Fish Soup (Noodles / Rice)

My colleagues recommended the fried fish soup so I tried the rice version while Claire had the noodle version. Portion of fried fish was relatively generous and it was pretty good – however the soup doesn’t come with milk (or even as an option) and tasted like the typical MSG soup. Not that impressed!


Vi had the laksa and she said it was not bad.

In case you were wondering – payment is made after the food is served to you.

Seems like the food there is a hit or miss. The fish soup was a slight miss me for me. Meanwhile, I had the duck rice there once and I thought it was quite nice.

Will still return again.. perhaps the next time round I will try their wanton mee or chicken rice or eat the duck rice/noodles again (that was good!).

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