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Review | Targus Transit 360 Spinner Luggage – Perfect for Short Getaways and Staycations!

Yep, not my usual travelogue today but a post RELATED to travel! I’m declaring that I have found THE perfect luggage bag for all my short getaways and staycations!

Review – Targus Transit 360 Spinner Luggage!

Here’s introducing my brand new Targus Transit 360 Spinner Luggage courtesy of Targus Singapore!(:

More photos of this 15.6″ cabin size luggage bag from the front and side as below! As mentioned, this is cabin size so you can stow it easily in the overhead compartments in the airplane!(:

Let’s look at the aesthetics of the Targus Transit 360 Spinner Luggage bag! First up is the adjustable luggage handle. It clicks into place securely and feels really solid.

The 360 spinner wheels allows you to roll your luggage with ease and smoothly.

There are 2 handles on the luggage bag – one on the top and one at the side thus making it easy/versatile to carry it by hand if you prefer not to roll your luggage!

What I’m most impressed about the Targus Transit 360 Spinner Luggage is that it has a dedicated laptop/workstation compartment! This is really useful for working professionals (like me!) on the go because it makes it easier to retrieve my laptop or work items rather than opening up my entire luggage bag OR even bringing an additional laptop bag.

Plenty of compartments within the laptop compartment itself for your working needs!

Moving onto the main luggage compartment! Very roomy and it can fit up enough items for 1~4 days getaway!

Just used it for my 3D2N staycation recently and I had plenty of space for everything!

Didn’t have to be too concerned about the space though as I have more than enough! 😝😝

All I need to do is to unzip my ‘secret zip’ to increase my luggage space – up to 30%! Hehe. 

Of course, be rest assured that your Targus Transit 360 Spinner Luggage bag has a TSA approved lock..or should I say, locks? The top zip is for the laptop compartment while the bottom zip is for your main luggage – yeah its also my first time seeing a double lock like this!

Am also impressed with the overall quality and sturdy design of the Targus Transit 360 Spinner – so was my mom and everyone who saw my new luggage bag. It looks super solid (and it really is); highly doubt it can be manhandled in any way even if you do use it as a check in luggage hahhaa!

The hard exterior also means that it is waterproof and it can protect the fragile items within your luggage bag such as your laptop and other fragile items!

Just to mention, you can see the number of tests each Targus Transit 360 Spinner luggage bags have to go through before it is certified ready for sale to the consumers from the tag. This includes a lock/zipper/drop test and more! Really puts my mind at ease to know that I can count on the durability of my luggage bag! 👍

Overall, I’m really pleased with my Targus Transit 360 Spinner Luggage! I would say that the only downside/concern is the weight issue as the average weight limit for most budget air flights is 7kg; not sure if the luggage weight might be exceeded as the bag itself is quite heavy on its own (3.5kg)! Well, I’ll try next time and let you know! 😂😂

Regardless, you’ll probably see me utilising it alot for my upcoming trips and staycations!

Hehe, actually I have already brought it out once for my 7th anniversary staycation with the bf back in July!(: Here are photos of a happy me and my new luggage bag taken before our staycation!

Eggcited for my next few trips with my new Targus Transit 360 Spinner Luggage! 😁😁

Note: The Targus Transit 360 Spinner Luggage was sponsored for my review but all opinions are of my own!

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♥ mitsueki

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