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[Seoul] Food Review | Nolboo Buddae Jjigae 놀부 부대찌개 @ Gangnam Seoul

Crystal had a massive craving for army stew in Seoul while I had the craving for yoogane! Satisfied my Yoogane craving first earlier on Day 3, and it was time to satisfy HER craving on Day 4! Hunted down a couple of places specializing in army stew around Gangnam and found one called Nolboo Buddae Jjigae!

Nolboo Buddae Jjigae
619-26, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Nolboo Buddae Jjigae 놀부 부대찌개 @ Gangnam Seoul

Nolboo Buddae Jjigae has apparently a number of outlets scattered around Seoul and best of all – its open 24/7 so you can easily satisfy your army stew craving anytime!(: Plus there is an English menu too!

Nolboo Buddae Jjigae Menu

For your reference, here’s the full menu at Nolboo Buddae Jjigae! As you can tell..they have a few choices of army stew varieties to choose from!

The Food

We ordered the old style Buddae Jjigae with rice for 2 pax and our order came really swiftly! It comes with an assortment of banchan as seen below ranging from kimchi to fishcake and mashed potatoes(:

Our buddae jjigae with generous portions of spam, ham, baked beans and many more! Meat lovers are recommended to get the beef buddae jjigae set as it comes with beef slices as well (more worth it imo)!

Hand model Crystal could NOT wait to dig in hahahha!

Oh yes, it comes with udon as well!

But it’s so much better when you add in the ramyeon noodles!!

All them noodles soaking out the stew broth.. eat it FAST!

Buddae Jjigae is best eaten on a cold rainy day though Crystal would beg to differ hahahaha – she will say it can be eaten ANYDAY!

Overall, it was a satisfying meal at Nolboo Buddae Jjigae and we enjoyed it! I still prefer a chicken galbi meal at Yoogane though hahahaha!

Thanks for reading!(: Next travelogue coming up next Thursday and Sunday!

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