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[Seoul] Food Review | Bonjuk Porridge 본죽 #duckyfishySEOUL

Was so sad that I didn’t get the chance to try out Bonjuk during my last visit to Seoul back in 2015 previously.. so this time I was pretty determined to try it out at least once on my most recent trip!

Decided to have Bonjuk for lunch on Day 1 when we landed. As Bonjuk is a major porridge chain, you can easily find an outlet in Seoul everywhere you go!(: The outlet I went to was in Myeongdong by the way!

Bonjuk 본죽
65-2 Chungmuro2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Bonjuk Porridge 본죽

You have an option of eating in or takeaway but at eating there once is a good experience!

The outlet at Myeongdong is pretty warm and cosy – especially when it was raining and super cold outside!

The Menu

For your reference, here’s the full menu at Bonjuk! They do have seasonable porridge options every few months though!

Popular options for most people will be the pumpkin porridge but as it was sweet – both Crystal and I opted for a more savoury option instead!

Ordering & The Food

Ordering is done at the counter and you pay before you leave.

Each porridge ordered comes in a set as below – a BIG hearty bowl of porridge with some banchan (side dishes) comprising of kimchi, stewed beef, some chilli paste, pickles and a cup of water.

Korean porridge reminds me of the thick Cantonese porridge but the taste is slightly different in my opinion. The ingredients inside are generous too (then again, don’t forget you are paying almost S$10+ per porridge set!) and you can taste all the flavors in your porridge! Very tasty and tastes best mixed with chilli paste/kimchi!(:

Pictured below is my oyster mushroom porridge (left) and Crystal’s beef mushroom porridge (right).

As our first meal in Seoul upon landing, I was extremely satisfied with my meal! Only wished I could have it again soon!

The total bill for both of us was 17k (approx S$20); in my opinion – worth it!(:

Do give Bonjuk a try when you are in Seoul next time!

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