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Hotel Review | Hotel Maui 호텔 마우이 @ Dongdaemum Seoul #duckyfishySEOUL

In case you were wondering about my accommodation options when I was in Seoul recently with Crystal; we stayed at 2 different areas at Dongdaemun and Gangnam respectively.

Hotel Maui 호텔 마우이

We stayed the first 2 nights over Hotel Maui 호텔 마우이 at Dongdaemun area. To get here, just take Limousine Bus 6002 from the airport, drop off at Dongmyo Station before walking about 5 – 10 minutes to reach Hotel Maui! You know you would have reached the correct place when you spot the sign above.

Hotel Maui Dongdaemun
종로구 숭인동 201-15 Seoul, South Korea

The patio area with the cheery looking yellow umbrella.

Hotel Reception / Breakfast Lounge

This is Hotel Maui’s reception area / breakfast lounge area. Check in is at 3pm while check out is 11am, very standard for most hotels/airbnbs in Seoul generally. Early check in may be accommodated; it depends. We did enjoy an early check in that day at 10am! However, they do impose a 10k won fee per hour for late check out.

Hotel Maui offers some light DIY breakfast options and coffee/water to start off your day from 9 to 10am – this includes bread with butter and jam as well as eggs. Just help yourself to the toaster if you want it toasted and boil the eggs in the boiler. A microwave is also available! Usually other guests will share the table with you and this is when you can interact with them in the mornings!(:

Oh yes, there is a luggage scale as well. Perfect to weigh your luggage to ensure you are not over the permitted weight before your flight!

There also Seoul maps, tours and brochures available and umbrellas for you to loan if you need any!

Hotel Maui Room Tour!

Our room was on Level 3 of the hotel – Room 304. Don’t worry, there is a lift available to get there (:

Moving on to our room tour at Hotel Maui!

Here’s a first look at our twin room – 2 separate rooms for the bathroom and bedroom respectively.

Twin bed configuration for us. Would have to say that the bed felt hard initially when we sat on it.. but surprisingly it was super comfortable?! Enjoyed a long nap almost immediately once we laid down and had a good night sleep throughout the 2 nights here.

A view of the other side of the room.

We had a window but with no view so we didn’t bother to open it. Besides, it was so cold! Didn’t have to switch on the air conditioning at all!(:

Dressing room mirror!

Flat screen TV with remote!

Mini fridge. Note that electricity is cut off when you remove the key from the card slot though.

Hairdryer! Super important hahhaha!

A couple of hangers which we used to hang our coats and clothes!

And now, on to the bathroom! It was relatively big with shower facilities only, no bathtub here!

Towels and toilet paper are provided. If you need more, just request from the reception downstairs!

Shower amenities are provided – shampoo, rinse and body wash. However you need to bring your own toothpaste and toothbrush!(:

No water bottles are provided in the room but there is a cold and hot water dispenser outside each level at the staircase. So you can easily fill up your bottle as needed.

Anyway, if you need anything else such as snacks, supper and/or other essentials, you can just pop by the GS25 convenience shops just outside the hotel. There are also a couple of other convenience shops all around the same area within walking distance as well!(:

Best of all, if you are staying here over the weekend especially on Sunday – go check out the Dongmyo Flea Market! Some of the stalls are set up right in front of Hotel Maui all the way to Dongmyo/Sinnonhyeon Station! Pretty fun to check out if you have some spare time (:

Overall, it was a pleasant experience staying at Hotel Maui! Thanks for having Crystal and I for the 2 nights in Seoul!(:

Hotel Maui Dongdaemun
종로구 숭인동 201-15 Seoul, South Korea

Note: 2 nights of accommodation were sponsored in exchange for this review but all opinions are of my own!(:

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