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MOSKOV NERF + MIYA’S NEW LOOK in Mobile Legends Bang Bang!

Moskov haters will love it while moskov users will HATE the news. But yes, it’s true – the long awaited nerf for Moskov is HERE! He will be nerfed in the next update on 31 May. Meanwhile, he is already nerfed in the Advance Server since 25 May~

Moskov Nerf

Here are the exact details for the Moskov nerf:

  • Basic Attack: penetration damage adjusted from 1.1 for all level to 0.4~1.1(increases with level)
  • Abyss Walker: increased attack speed adjusted from 30/40%/50%/60%/70%/80% to 20/26%/32%/38%/44%/50%; penetration damage adjusted from 1.3 for all level to 0.5~1.2 (increases with level)

Hopefully it will be a more balanced game after this~ I’ll just take any nerf on Moskov now; he’s way, WAYYYY too OP at the moment. This takes the fun in a proper 5v5 because most of the time, it is Moskov v Moskov. The team with the better Moskov or better support + Moskov wins. How boring? Show some love to other heroes!(:

Miya New Model

Miya has a new look! Check her out below!

Which do you prefer? Lol noticed that MLBB is focusing on reworking female characters first. Previously was Layla if you guys remember!

But okay la, they kinda reworked Tigreal abit..think they added longer hair for him but he looks..quite ugly now HAHHAHA :S

New Hero Skin

Yi Sun-Shin users will be happy to know that there is a new skin called Apocalypse Agent going at 599 diamonds (30% off for the first week of release).

Yun Zhao users can purchase the Starlight Member to get the Yun Zhao Eastern Warrior skin in June! (Note, you MUST buy after 1 June to get this skin as May’s skin is still Moskov’s).

Other Hero Balances

Not many other updates in terms of hero balancing. Ruby users will be pleased to know her lifesteal inherit from items has been increased to 115% from 100%! Tigreal’s model is slightly remade too.

Battle Gear Updates!

HUGE updates for the battle gears – mainly some reworks, new NAMES and icons for many of them.

Fallen Sword

       Name changed to ‘Demon Hunter Sword’;attributes adjusted to: +35 physical attack, +25% attack speed, +400 max HP;unique passive ‘devour’ adjusted to: basic attack will deal extra damage that’sequal to 10% (was 8%) of target’s current HP.

Thor’s Sting

       Name changed to ‘Windtalker’; item icon optimized; unique passive ‘Lightning’ namechanged to ‘Typhoon’, and visual effect of its passive optimized; the itemincreases attack speed 30% (was 25%) and movement speed by 20 pts (was 8%).

Blade of Destruction

       Name changed to ‘Berserker’s Fury’; item icon optimized; attributes adjusted to: +65physical attack, +25% critical hit chance, unique attribute ‘+40% critical hitdamage’.

Concentrated Energy

       Added a new unique passive ‘Recharge’ to the item: restores 10% of HP for the heroafter killing an enemy hero.

Enchanted Talisman

       Removed the attribute ‘+30 mana regen’; unique passive ‘Mana Spring’ remade: restores20% of max mana for the hero every 10 sec.

Demon Wings

       Name changed to ‘Wings of the Apocalypse Queen’; unique passive ‘Demonize’ remade:increases physical and magic defense by 50 pts and lifesteal 10% when thehero’s HP drops below 40%.

Saint’s Refuge

       Name changed to ‘Athena’s Shield’; item icon optimized; new attribute ‘+20 HPregen’; unique passive ‘Refuge’ description optimized: generates a shield toabsorb damage every 30 sec. The amount the damage absorbed increases withgame’s time length, up to 1150 pts.

Raptor Machete

       Icon optimized; removed the attribute ‘+12% attack speed’; added a new attribute‘+15% physical penetration’.

Ice Force

       Name changed to ‘Corrosion Scythe’; item icon optimized; unique passive ‘FrostStrike’ name changed to ‘Corrosion’.

Astral Wand

       Name changed to ‘Devil Tears’; unique passive ‘Starlight’ name changed to‘Spellbreaker’; item icon optimized.

Eternal Scepter

       Name changed to ‘Clock of Destiny’; item icon optimized

Flame of Fury

       Name changed to ‘Glowing Wand’; item icon optimized

Crazed Reaper

       Name changed to ‘Blade of the 7 Seas’; item icon optimized

Tooth of Greed

       Name changed to ‘Haas’s Claws’; item icon optimized

Nimble Blade

       Icon optimized

Okay, See you in game! 🙂

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