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mitsueki Travels | 5D4N Seoul 2017 Travelogue Summary #duckyfishySEOUL

Just came back from my recent girls trip to Seoul with Crystal in April! This is our 2nd trip together and the longest one to date; the first being a 3D2N Ho Chi Minh trip!(:

Here’s a quick summary post of our entire 5D4N Girls Trip to Seoul as below! A detailed day by day post will be up at a later date!(:

Day 1: Incheon Airport / Hotel Maui Dongdaemun / Bonjuk / Sulbing / Myeongdong

Landed early at Incheon Airport after an overnight flight on Asiana Airlines. Proceeded to pick up our unlimited 4G data sim card courtesy of KKday to start off! Checked into Hotel Maui at Dongdaemun which is our complimentary accommodation for the next 2 nights! After that, we headed to Myeongdong and spent the day there – lunch at Bonjuk, dessert at Sulbing, street food for dinner and loads of shopping!

Day 2: Oneday Hanbok / Tosokchon Samyetang / Gyeongbokgung Palace / Myeongdong 

Spent the day wandering about Gyeongbokgung area in our rented hanboks courtesy of Oneday Hanbok located near Anguk Station! Lunched at Tosokchon Samyetang before walking around the palace grounds of Gyeongbokgung for phototaking! Headed back to Myeongdong for more shopping that night!(:

Day 3: Big John’s Place Gangnam / Yoogane / Gangnam / Gangnam Underground Shopping Centre / Shake Shack

Checked into our 2nd sponsored accommodation during this trip – Big John’s Place located at Gangnam! Lunched at Yoogane before exploring the streets of Gangnam on foot and shopped at Gangnam Underground Shopping Centre! Dinner was at Shake Shack with no queue!

Day 4: Nolboo Budae Jigae / E-Mart Souvenir Shopping / Seoul Grand Park / Seoul Land / Korean BBQ

Satisfied Crystal’s craving for army stew at Nolboo Budae Jigae during lunch before heading to E-Mart for our souvenir shopping. Took the train to Seoul Grand Park station to view the beautiful cherry blossoms and visit the theme park, Seoul Land with our park tickets courtesy of KKday! Ended off the day with a home cooked Korean BBQ session with John, Sonia and his friends!(:

Day 5: Good Bye Seoul!

Our whirlwind trip to Seoul came to an end on Day 5! Said our goodbyes to Big John and Sarang (his dog, fyi lol) as we headed to Incheon Airport for our flight home back to Singapore!

And with that, this ends my 5D4N Seoul trip together with Crystal! Always so sad when my trip comes to an end and I need to unpack! 😭😭😭

With that said, would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people/companies for the sponsorships and making this trip happen!

As mentioned, will be doing up a more comprehensive day by day post of my trip so stay tuned for that!(;

Thanks for reading!(:

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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