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mitsueki Travels | 3D2N HCM 2016 – OMG Rooftop Bar

Apparently checking out rooftop bars is a thing to do in Ho Chi Minh City! Actually planned to heading to Heli Bar or SkyLounge but we got lazy and decided to check out our hotel’s rooftop bar instead!

OMG Rooftop!

Very cute name for a bar. Casual wear is perfectly fine in here; think we walked in with slippers hahah!

The Place

OMG Rooftop is split into 2 section, the air conditioned dining section with the bar and the outdoor patio with a live DJ!

We checked out the outdoor section first but it was too crowded and wayyyy too noisy. So we just retreated back to the indoor section after admiring the view of HCMC from the top!

Oh that tall Tower there was supposed to be our initial choice for the rooftop bar but this would suffice for us. Hahah!

Live DJ playing his music!

Dining was a plushy affair as we sank into these comfy armchairs in air conditioned comfort. Still had a good view where we were seated though(:

The Food & Drinks

Had a late dinner earlier on so we just opted for some healthy salads – caesar and seared tuna as well as drinks. Pardon the poor quality photos; all my photos were taken with my lousier Note 3 before I upgraded to a S7 later this year 😅😅

Portion size were big but most importantly; the food and environment was great!

Oh Yes .. we were at a bar and we ordered iced chocolate and no other alcoholic drinks LOL. Chilled the night away with Crystal, a good way to end Day 1 in HCM!

Our total bill came up to 460k dong (S$29) for two of us which we thought was reasonable for a hotel bar + food + good ambiance! Not bad(:

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