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My Musical Journey with Believer Music (Keyboard) – Part 1! #mitsuekixbelievermusic

I never got the opportunity to learn how to play any musical instruments during my younger days – not including our compulsory recorder lessons in Primary school. Am referring to the opportunity to learn how to play the piano or the drums or guitar! Yep, not many of parents had the luxury to afford such lessons back then.

My Musical Journey with Believer Music (Keyboard) – Part 1!

Anyway, age should never be a deterring factor to learning something both Crystal and I decided to embark on a musical learning journey on how to play the keyboard – courtesy of Believer Music and we will be documenting our journey here on the blog!(:

Believer Music has 3 outlets all around Singapore – International Plaza, One Commonwealth and Tampines Hub; all very convenient locations! They have a variation of musical programmes and levels that you can take up based on your musical capabilities and interest such as drums, voice, guitar, ukulele, band and cajon! 

Believer Music
(Tampines Plaza / International Plaza / Commonwealth Hub)
Sign up using my code “XWD28200” at Believer Music to enjoy $25 credits off your course fee!(:

For both Crystal and myself, we chose to take the Contemporary Keyboard Program Level 1 – Mandopop! This program is aimed at total beginners with absolutely no background or expertise in musical knowledge and it’s definitely a huge draw as you will be learning how to play popular Mandopop hits on the keyboard over this 11 week course!

Classes are also pretty small with limited slots – usually up to 8 people in a class for the keyboard lessons. This ensures a more conducive and close knit class! Self introductions will be made on the first day to let you get to know your classmates better – afterall; they will be your classmates for the next 11 weeks! 

Everyone will come from different walks , stages of life and age groups – for example, my class has 3 full time working adults, 1 part time working adult and a student.

As working adults, there are timeslots available after work and over the weekends. Each lesson is only 1 hour so this won’t really take up much of your time – though you do need to practice, practice and practice!

A practice instrument is usually recommended to purchase especially if you are slow and need more practicing to catch up. However if you don’t wish to purchase, you can always pop into the studio at any of the outlets whenever there are no classes to practice as well!

What I really like about Believer Music is that they understand the needs of everyone! An 11 week course is a big committment .. but what if you miss out on a class as you are overseas or something cropped up? That’s where you can check out your makeup scheduler in the Student Portal to attend another lesson during that week if possible! 

For example, I was away for my 2nd lesson on Weds, so I used the makeup scheduler to attend an alternative session at Tampines Plaza on Sunday instead! Of course if you can’t make it on any of the dates and will need to miss a class – don’t fret; just talk to your instructor and he/she will be more than willing to help you work something out!

To date, Crystal and I have attended 2 to 3 lessons so far and it has a been a learning journey – especially for me as I am VERY slow at learning lol. Will share more details about how each lesson is like in my next post on Believer Music!(:

Remember, if you are interested to learn how to play a musical instrument – it’s never too late to start now! Sign up using my code “XWD28200” at Believer Music to enjoy $25 credits off your course fee!(:

Believer Music XPerience 3-wk Trials

If you are just interested to sign up for a trial experience to understand how it is like to take up a full course under Believer Music – here’s your opportunity to do so!

Believer Music XPerience 3-wk Trials are back in June for the Keyboard and Drums! Join Believer Music upcoming 3-week trials from 5 – 25 June, for Keyboard (Believer & Contemporary) or the Drums (Believer & Contemporary), and play music for real!

Register by 28 May 2017 at only S$94 for 3 weeks

Note: Crystal and I were kindly sponsored the beginner keyboard course in exchange for this review but all opinions are of our own!

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Till later,

♥ mitsueki

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