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Bridesmaid Duties | Final Gown Fitting @ Rico-A-Mona #charliepinkymoments

One of the bridesmaid duties other than organizing a bridal shower, helping out and other duties is to attend at least 1 gown fitting prior to the wedding! This is essential especially important if you are the main bridesmaid in charge so that you can assist the bride on the day itself!

Headed down on a weekday night with my bride to be (Pinky) along with her bridegroom to be (Charlie) and the bf to her bridal gown shop, Rico-A-Mona at Tanjong Pagar for her final gown fitting and to collect the gown for the wedding to be held that weekend!(:

Rico-A-Mona Bridal Studio

This is my first time entering a bridal gown shop and I took the opportunity to snap a few photos around – for my future reference and yours in case you haven’t stepped into one either!

Many gowns hanging off the rack but those on display are usually the traditional white gowns. Other colored gowns, evening gowns and more are at the dressing room behind!

Pinky’s custom made super high insane bridal heels – I bet you have NEVER seen such a shoe with a thick platform base right? Yes, my first time too LOL. Note that this was custom made in Jakarta (Donamici Shoes), looks pretty comfy no?

Fitting Room

Was waiting for Pinky to change to her gown in the fitting room and got the opportunity to see the back of the bridal gown studio.. as I mentioned, this is where all the different colored gowns can be seen – this includes blazers and outfits for the groom (:

Was also taught how to lace up the gown in the morning and help the bride in and out of her can can (toilet purposes etc). Suggest that you video it if you are unclear!

Bride wearing her insane heels hahahha

Pinky’s finalized wedding gown for her Singapore wedding. This is super important for me as I am in charge of her train.. which is CRAZY long as you can tell. It looks more majestic when its fully flared out but you can tell it’s big and long hahah! Good thing I came for the fitting so I would be better prepared before the actual day!(:

As she would be having a 2nd wedding in her hometown at Jakarta, I was also able to view her second wedding gown. The gown train is fortunately more manageable but I’m her guest for the 2nd one 😝😝

Time to bundle the gown back to her place after doing some last minute alterations. Inclusive will be the can can and borrowed accessories which has to be returned after the wedding!(:

Ending off with a selfie in the dressing room hahaha, being part of this whole process has been fun and it just made me really excited for her wedding day itself!

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