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5 Adorable Furnishing Ideas for Animal Lovers!

Show your love for animals with these adorable furnishing ideas below!

1. Cat socks for tables and chairs

Nekoashi chair socks, by Japanese design company Toyo Case are meant to be fitted on the ends of your chair legs, tables or other furniture so that they will not scratch the floor! It also comes in various designs so take your pick!

2. Animal corner softeners

Make the sharp edge of the table safer for children, senior and adults alike with these animal corner softeners from Yahoo! Shopping Japan! It also comes in various animal designs to choose from!


3. Takumi Animal Stool

These Takumi Animal Stools with four legs, flurry cushion seats and a cute tail to boot are definitely an adorable and classy addition to an animal lover’s home!

4. Frien’Zoo Stool Animal Chair

Here’s another one that kids will love – riding animal stools! And you get to choose from a few designs as well; I’m spotting a sheep/camel/horse and elephant below! Oh, and the legs are removable too!

5. kamina&C Chairs by Takeshi Sawada

Make your children (and guests) squeal in delight when they spot these super cute chairs! The bambi version is the most popular design if you were wondering!(; Oh and it seems like there are also chairs more suitable for adults like the rabbit chair!

Oh my gosh, they are just so darn cute! Hope they gave you ideas for your future home because I’m definitely getting one of them stools in my own home next time!

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