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Food Review  | Tanuki Raw @ Kapok

I always knew that there was a Tanuki Raw outlet around my office area but I never really went to check it out till recently!

Tanuki Raw @ Kapok

Walked over to the National Design Centre opposite Bugis and we were looking out for the restaurant! Don’t bother walking around the building to find the entrance..just walk into Kapok itself!

Walk all the way in to find Tanuki Raw as seen below. Was pretty crowded during lunch but luckily we managed to get seats for 3! No reservations are allowed here by the way!

Tanuki Raw @ Kapok
111 Middle Rd, Singapore 188969

Yay for complimentary water!

Tanuki Raw Lunch Menu

For your reference, here’s the lunch menu over at Tanuki Raw. They have the full menu as well but the prices for the lunch menu is cheaper if I’m not wrong plus you can top up for the lunch set!

Truffle Yakiniku – $14.80

It was a MUST to order the truffle yakiniku for me during my first visit here. It’s the like ubiquitous dish of Tanuki Raw that is wildly popular especially on Instagram!

What you get is a beautifully pan seared US black Angus beef slices topped with a perfect onsen egg, pickles and truffle Soya Sauce over Tanuki’s signature rice! Realized I forgot to snap a photo of how the rice looks like but let’s just say that it’s not your average Japanese rice! Very very flavorful and I couldn’t resist eating more of it even though I’m wary about eating carbs. THAT is how good it was! I was impressed(:

I’ll definitely want to try the truffle yakiniku with foie gras or the salted duck egg char siew in my next visit!

Black Garlic & Roasted Leek Negitoro – $14.80

If Crystal ate with me, I think she might have enjoyed this particular dish as she loves garlic! Basically it’s huge chunk of seasoned fatty tuna and scallion with black garlic and roasted Leek soy on Tanuki’s signature rice topped with an onsen egg, pickles and loads of garlic chips! I tried a bite from Jiaxin’s bowl and it was good! Preferred my beef though(:

Garlic Butter Chicken – $12.80

Pinky had the garlic butter chicken option and she had a huge slab of sliced chicken cutlet with a liberal amount of garlic brown butter garlic sauce, pickles and mushrooms over Tanuki’s signature rice. Doesn’t it look good? The chicken was nice and tender and everything just works well together! Now if only they had an onsen egg as well.. hehe

Oh and Sorry pickles..none of us like you lol! We dumped them out 😅😅

Overall Verdict

We paid $49.90 for our meal for 3 which was not too bad for the quality of food we just consumed during lunch. A tad expensive for an everyday office lunch but a perfect lunch treat to reward ourselves especially on a Friday before heading back to work! We would DEFINITELY be back soon! 😁

Ending off with a bonus photo of my ootd at the National Design Centre! 😜

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