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Food Review | RedRing Treasures (Cutlet Rice/Noodles) @ Food Republic Wisma Atria

Good food can always be discovered at all places – including food courts like Food Republic! One such stall will be RedRing Treasures located at the Food Republic at Wisma Atria!(:

RedRing Treasures @ Food Republic Wisma Atria

The moment you step off the escalator, you can already spot the stall front! If not, just look out for the stall below!(:

RedRing Treasures tout themselves to be a Singapore style cutlet specialist and their menu definitely reflects that! You can choose between a variety of cutlets – chicken, pork, fish and squid to go with curry rice or their specialty red sauce noodles (spiciness level can be adjusted)! Prices are very affordable, starting at $5.50!

Redring Treasures (Food Republic Wisma Atria)
435 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238877

They also offer a variety of side dishes that are great for sharing!

Salted Egg Squid with Noodles – $8.50

One of their latest offerings on the menu will be the salted egg squid with noodles! As we know, the salted egg craze in Singapore is not over yet so it’s no surprise to find that this is one of their bestsellers ever since it was launched! For the price, you get a big slab of beautifully fried squid cutlet, their signature red noodles (you can control their spiciness level), a side of Vegetables and a bowl of soup! Oh the salted egg sauce is served separately from the squid so you have the option of slowly dipping your fried squid with the sauce or just pour it all over depending on your preference!(:

Noodles were fantastic, very Q and tasty! Portion of the noodles are pretty big too! Oh, I asked for the less spicy version for your reference. Meanwhile I really enjoyed the large slab of fried squid – but just a note to eat fast when it is hot or else the crispy skin will turn soggy! I actually prefer the squid without the salted egg sauce personally in case you were wondering 😂😂

Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice – $6.90

The chicken cutlet is their bestseller and you can choose to have it with their noodles or curry rice! Since I’m trying their noodles; the bf decided to go for the curry rice instead!(:

For $6.90 you will get a generous serving of chicken cutlet (top up a mere $1 to get a double up portion), rice with curry vegetables, a bowl of soup and a bowl of curry with potatoes! Again, the curry is separated from the rice so you can control whether you prefer less curry/more curry with your meal. My suggestion? Just pour all the curry and the potatoes on your rice, yum YUM! Oh and I tried a portion of the chicken cutlet and it was excellent! Think I would definitely return to have the chicken cutlet with NOODLES ($5.90) the next time instead though; it works better; plus it’s cheaper! 😉😉

Side Dishes

We also tried 2 of the side dishes available – the fu pi dumplings ($5.90) and chicken croquettes ($1.50/piece)! The fu pi dumplings were addictive and yummy! Wasn’t a fan of the chicken croquettes but the bf enjoyed them! Very generous fillings in my opinion(:


Ending off with our satisfied smiles over our meal at RedRing Treasures! It was our first time trying them out and it definitely won’t be the last!

Affordable prices with delicious food – definitely a must try if you are heading for a meal at Food Republic @ Wisma Atria!

Thanks Esther and Roy for the invitation!(: We really enjoyed our meal!

Note: This was an invited food tasting but all opinions are of my own!(:

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