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Food Bites | Kam’s Roast Afternoon Tea Set!

Hi all! I get to try Kam’s Roast this time because Mitsueki already ate once… so… she sent her minion(me) to do the work…. HAHAHA… I’m sure most people already know or heard of Kam’s Roast so I won’t bother writing their history. I’ll still put the address though!

Kam’s Roast Singapore
9 Scotts Road #01-04, 228210

So Kam’s Roast in Singapore doesn’t have goose(sad face)… BUT! They use the same technique to roast the duck, and according to them, in a blind taste test, people were not able to tell the difference between goose and duck. It’s the first time I’ve had Kam’s Roast anywhere(when I go to Hong Kong, I always go to Yat Lok for my Roast Goose fix), so I hope it’s good.

[New] Kam’s Roast Afternoon Tea Set

Well then, Kam’s Roast launched their afternoon High tea set… which to be honest I think is too expensive. For $18.80(++), you get a portion(bite size) of Toro Char Siu, BBQ Char Siu, Roast Pork, 3 slices of Roast Duck, a plate of braised noodles with ginger and scallion, marinated cucumber, a bowl of red bean soup and a cup of Chinese tea. Please note that this is an afternoon tea set, so if you are very hungry, there are better options on the main menu. If you still want to try however –  for the whole month of April 2017, the afternoon tea set is having a 1 for 1 promotion if you show this post on MoneyDigest HERE!

So for $18.80 this are the things you get:

They also have a $9.80(++) version that has everything above, except the noodles and the 3 slices of Roast Duck.

The noodles are flown in from Hong Kong, so the texture is a little different from the normal noodles you get in Singapore.

The 3 Slices of Duck and the 3 portions of pork.

[New] Cured Goose Liver / Lean Pork Sausages

Kam’s Roast Singapore also introduces the cured goose liver or lean pork sausages which are priced affordably at $8.80 per portion. I loved the cured goose liver or 膶腸 (the dark ones) which were very yummy.

To be honest though, the food isn’t much to rave about. Their Toro Char Siu is good but there are better Toro Char Siu in SG (Char), their BBQ Char Siu and Roast Pork is just normal. The roast duck is good though, thankfully.

Mitsueki likes Kam’s I think… she has a post which she gave a pretty good review, and you can read more about it here if you are interested.

Note: This was an invited food tasting, but all opinions are of my own!

Thanks for reading!
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Ps: When I was typing this post… I keep typing Kam’s Roost…(insert laughing smiley here).

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