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Beauty Review | Underarm Hair Removal @ Musee Platinum Tokyo!

I recently signed up for the unlimited underarm hair removal package for $38 from Musee Platinum Tokyo and I’m happy to share with my readers with my experience with them so far!

Musee Platinum Tokyo

Musee Platinum Tokyo has a number of outlets in Singapore but the one I patronise is the Plaza Singapura outlet as it is pretty near my office. Went down together with my colleague, Jx as the $38 unlimited treatment package to permanently get rid of underarm hair (instead of shaving!) was a good deal!

My other colleague, Vi already finished her underarm treatments (yes it works, she has no armpit hair now lol) so this further assured me that the treatment would work and that there was no additional hidden costs!

Musee Platinum Tokyo – The Consultation

We made an online appointment via the Musee Platinum Tokyo site and within a day, we got the call to drop by for the first consultation (free). They were pretty flexible to have both of us scheduled in the same consultation room together. Afterwhich, we had to fill up the contract with all your personal details.

We were then served some warm water before the consultant proceeded to let us know more about the treatment we were going to be taking (S.S.C hair removal) while she questioned us on our shaving habits etc. Didn’t get any hard selling, probably because we looked like we didn’t have any money to spare other than the $38 lol.

Once it was done, we signed the contract and paid our $38 that was due. The $38 actually covers unlimited underarm AND bikini line hair removal but we chose to only do the underarm first. May consider the bikini line one after my underarm treatments are completed!

If $38 for unlimited underarm or bikini line hair removal treatments sound too good to be true, you must be wondering about the catch right? To be honest, I guess the only “catch” is that the appointment for the hair removal treatment is only once every 2 months. Given that an averge person may need about 10 sessions.. it may take up to 1 – 2 years to complete all the treatments as the appointments are so far apart! But if you are okay with it…then why not? And yes, they are REALLY POPULAR!

Note, NO TREATMENT is done on your first consultation. It is a pure consultation for maybe a max of 30 minutes or less. The last step is to set up your actual first hair removal appointment. We went on 22 Sept 16 and the earliest appointment at a reasonable timing after work of 6.30 / 7pm was in December 16?! That was crazy! Luckily we managed to land the next earlier slot on 27 October 16 at 5.40pm by taking 1 hour time off work in order to accommodate our appointment timing! Musee Platinum Tokyo is definitely not for the impatient lol.

We left feeling pleased about our bargain deal though lol 😂

Musee Platinum Tokyo – Unlimited Underarm Hair Removal Treatment

The long awaited underarm hair removal appointment with Musee Platinum Tokyo finally arrived! You should receive an SMS reminder 1 week prior to your appointment. Based on your appointment card, it also mentions that you should shaved 3 days prior to your appointment date too!

Upon being seated, we were given a reminder to take note of the following before starting your treatments. Keypoints to note – no medication and alcohol within the last 24 hours, being sick and many more in the list below!

Please do NOT be late! Musee Platinum Tokyo has a very strict no lateness policy in place. If you are late for more than 10 mins, you might be turned away. If you can’t make it for your appointment, remember to call them to reschedule at least 24 hours in advance. Just remember that your next treatment appointment will be 2 – 3 months later if you miss it..

Also, with effect from Dec 2016 – Musee Platinum Tokyo has a new late arrival and cancellation policy in place whereby you will be charged an administrative fee of $10 (donated to charity after that) if you turn up more than 10 minutes late and/or was a no-show for your appointment.

Treatment & Treatment Room

Just wait till any of the Musee Platinum staff are available to assist in your treatment and your name will be called. After that, you will be led to one of the treatment rooms. Don’t expect anything fancy as it’s a no frills simple room.

You can store your bags in the storage locker provided in the room. Then change into the outfit provided (both top and bottom (free size) as needed)!

Your eyes will be covered throughout the entire treatment so I’m just sharing what I experienced! Basically the only thing you need to do is lie down and raise your armpits lol.

Alcohol sanitizer is applied to your armpit first. Then you will be cleanly shaved with an electric razor before a cold gel is applied to your armpit.

The machine above will be used to zap your armpit a few times. I think I had around 5 – 7 zaps per arm. Okay maybe I shouldn’t use the word zap… the machine lightly TOUCHES my armpits  a couple of times. No pain involved at all, 0/10 for me and Jx!

The excess gel will wiped off before a calming/antiseptic lotion is applied. Afterwhich, you are asked to put down your arms to kiap what feels like a cooling ice pack between your armpit area for 2 – 5 mins. Your eyes will be covered throughout the whole session as I mentioned!

And then you are done! Change back to your clothes and head out to make your next appointment – usually in the next 2 to 3 months!

Rinse and repeat till you don’t need to go for your next treatment. So far, I’ve only been for 1 treatment and I’m already looking forward to the next!

Side Effects?

By the way – no side effects experienced after the treatment. Except that my underarm had a very cold/cooling sensation all the way for 1 hour or so but after that it’s okay(:

Does it WORK?

I only went for 1 session so far at this time of posting but it worked really well for me! Alot of my underarm hair kept dropping off – barely barely had to shave except once for my DND HAHAHA! Should have signed up long ago =_= Note that different people may have faster/slower reactions to the treatment ya?

Referral Program!

Oh, not sure but I think they have referral program, so when you sign up HERE – you can quote my membership id: 81135321 / Daphne Xiao to get a free S treatment OR $50 off any additional treatments!

Anyway, hope this post where I shared about my experience and treatment at Musee Platinum Tokyo was useful for you! Again, not sponsored! I paid $38 for unlimited sessions~~😁😁

Hopefully by end of 2017, I would permanently have no underarm hair anymore? HAHHAHAHAHA

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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4 Comments on “Beauty Review | Underarm Hair Removal @ Musee Platinum Tokyo!

  1. Maybe you could update your experience of trying to book a slot as well in time to come.

    I’ve had negative experience with Musee and regretted very much as a paying customer.

    Recently I decided to forfeit some unused treatments and requested for half of my package (I bought large body parts) to be refunded based on their policy because it was a painful and frustrating experience to try to even book an appointment. The interval between appointments kept increasing after my 2nd or 3rd session. Inconsistency for my treatment means ineffective results.

    A warning to all, do not sign up for too many sessions if you still opt for Musee, and even though the calculations seems cheap and worth it. Too good to be true. Musee is unable to even help maintain my already IPL-ed legs. I wasted too much time and money on Musee when I could have achieve better and satisfying results by now if I went to another branded salon (expensive but worth it with visible results and able to book appointment with flexibility), making my hard-earned money well spent. Again, subjective to the therapist at other places.

    Over the years I’d been to various familiar branded IPL salon for much of my body parts and Musee is the only great let-down. Apparently, various customers shared their reviews on difficulty to book a slot too.

    In my utmost honest opinion.

    1. I share the same experience here in Malaysia’s branch too! They are unable to cater to the existing customers but still taking more. Rescheduling is a pain as it takes more than 2-3months to do so

  2. Over – rated hair removal salon .
    U will regret if you sign any package with them .
    They were hiding many policies which never inform customers .
    Not possible to booking each month and given many excuses , you will not get your result coz they dragged few months .
    Poor customer service ! Staff not well trained and not knowledgeable consultant tried to cheat new customer .
    Company never admit fault and irresponsible of internal management problems .

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