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mitsueki Travels | 3D2N HCM 2016 – Pho2000

One of the ‘perks’ about staying at Silverland Central Hotel & Spa (read review HERE) is that the popular Vietnamese pho chain, Pho2000 was literally steps from our hotel, right opposite Ben Thanh Market!

Pho 2000 @ Ben Thanh Market

Pho2000 is on the 2nd level of the building and you have to head in the entrance through The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf!

Pho 2000
1 – 3, Phan Chu Trinh, Phường Bến Thành, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

The Place

It’s a no frills restaurant serving pho but the biggest benefit here will be the presence of an English menu and air conditioning! Hence it’s much easier to order here compared to a roadside stall.

The downside is that the restaurant is very popular so do try to come during their off peak hours!

P.s the bathroom is next to the stairs leading up to Pho2000 so it’s a bit stinky when you walk up.

If you didn’t know – this humble eatery has been graced by US President Clinton himself when he was in Vietnam years ago and thus the place is decorated with faded newspapers clippers of his visit and other features in the news.

Of course the most important point is the food! I didn’t take a photo of the menu but popular choices according to the reviews will be the pho, vegetarian curry and spring rolls!

The Food

Crystal and I ordered a beef pho (38k dong, S$2.40) to share as we expected to be eating alot after that. If you don’t take beef, there is a chicken option. And if you don’t take meat, there is also a vegetarian option!

Each bowl of pho will be served with beansprouts (we dumped it into our soup), herbs and chopped chilli (extremely spicy!!). Vietnamese really love to garnish freely that’s what I noticed lol.

Closeup photos of our pho! The Beef was sliced thinly and was tender. Noodles were good but the best part will definitely be the delicious tasting broth! Wow!

You know it’s good when the bowl is totally devoid of both noodles AND soup!

Very satisfying first meal in Vietnam and it set the standard for all pho dishes from then on! Pity that we only had the stomach for 2 pho dishes during our trip but there’s always next time(:

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