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Current Gaming Addiction: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (Mobile)!

A number of my Facebook friends were sharing this game called “Mobile Legends Bang Bang” on their timeline and I was curious to find out more.. so I took the plunge and downloaded to try last week. Bad decision because I’m currently addicted to the game LOL. You can usually find me playing after work at night or over the weekends for now – till I get bored, lol. Crap though cos I’m not working as much on my blog/social media thanks to this, HAHAHAHA!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Oh if you wanna try – key in my invitation referral code “0onzmm01Lc” (zero-onzmm-zero-1Lc, case sensitive) so that we can both redeem rewards at Lv 8/15!

Gameplay wise, I would say that picking up the game is relatively simple for most players, but ex/current Dota or LOL players will definitely have an easier time. Basically it’s a 5v5 game with the goal to tear down the opponent’s team base! As an ex Dota/Dota 2 player (have quit gaming ever since I started work), it was easy to jump back into the game but I guess the most fun part of it all is reconnecting with some of my ex-Dota friends to play together with. So nostalgic to remember the good times gaming with all my Dota friends!

I initially started playing solo on my own but now I’ve hooked my bf in to play with me alongside with my other friends (who have already been playing it all this while). It’s definitely easier to play with friends rather than with pubs because seriously you have no idea what they are doing sometimes *internal rage mode on*. Plus I wanna keep up my winning rate lol!

Anyway, a quick overview of what I like/dislike most about this game as below:

What I like about Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

  • Easy to pick up and controls are very simple
  • Takes less than 20 seconds to match up for a game. But I don’t really see a lot of fellow SG players in-game. Maybe most of them are in the higher rank divisions?
  • Average game time per round is approx. 15 minutes or less. My longest gameplay so far was 35 minutes, still relatively short compared to Dota!
  • No shop and recipes to memorize (unless you really want to), I usually just buy from the recommended item pop up (oops) but I do set my set items beforehand for my hero though
  • Solo players get matched up with other solo players (most of the time), if you play with a team, you will get matched up with a team of 2 / 3 / 5
  • Can opt to play different modes (Match Up / Ranked Modes, etc). Ranked modes have different seasons that last approx 1 month with relatively good prizes in terms of hero’s skin and battle points!
  • Ranking chart after every game showcasing the MVP/Gold/Silver/Bronze medal players in your team. So if you win/lose – you kinda know where you stand in the game
  • Trash talk/bashing not that common (I think..) cos I’ve only experienced it once? Probably because it’s so hard to type in game LOL
  • Possible to not spend any money in game if you are patient enough. Just keep playing to earn your battle points to buy what you want (unless you want the skin or get the free hero if you recharge).

What I dislike about Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

  • All heroes are not free to use, you either have to use cash to afford the more expensive heroes or keep battling for quite awhile to save up for your favourite hero. Weekly free heroes rotation are available but this is not available for Ranked Games. That’s why at the start, you will see everyone spamming the same free/cheap heroes in both Ranked games especially in the lower ranks.
  • Chatting in game is horrendous on your phone. I usually almost never type/talk in game and no one will tell you if mid is g/ top g/btm g so you really need to have good map awareness to stay alive esp if you are playing a fragile hero. Maybe in the higher levels, people actually do that but for now.. I haven’t seen anyone doing it yet. They have this voice function but I haven’t tried it yet!
  • You can’t have a team made up of 4 friends in Ranked games, but yet it’s okay for 5 friends to play together. Not getting the logic but okay..
  • Quite a number of afk/laggy players and sometimes they can cause you the win (machiam like 3v5 / 4v5) but usually at the higher rankings, there are less of such players
  • You can only play with your friends if they are the same rank or 1 rank higher/lower than you for Ranked Games only. It’s fair too as you can’t expect to throw in a newbie player with other seasoned players in the same game right? But of course the sucky thing is that your friend (especially if they just started) has to work up to your ranking in order to play together! I know many of my friends would just create another account to play to help them rank up together though(: Match up games should be for any ranking to play together if I’m not wrong.
  • Lack of dedicated forum/wiki guide or group esp for local SG players, we are all figuring it out on our own!
  • Some pubs = really CMI = don’t know what they are doing/just keep farming/not helping/have no idea how to play their heroes = VERY frustrating especially if you lose that game *rolls eyes*

Anyway, as mentioned, I only started playing since last week so I’m still exploring the game and trying to rank up! In general for now I would say that it is very fun and addictive game to play on your mobile phone!(: Not a sponsored post also just to put a disclaimer LOL!

Oh if you wanna try – key in my invitation referral code “0onzmm01Lc” (zero-onzmm-zero-1Lc, case sensitive) so that we can both redeem rewards at Lv 8/15!

See ya in game maybe? 😛

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Till later,
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