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[NEW] Cafes Richard Malaysia @ Resorts World Genting, Genting Highlands!

Tea-time!!! Coffee lovers are sure to go gaga over this cafe! Cafés Richard, the No. 1 coffee roaster in France, has opened its world’s first café at SkyAvenue! Wow, you can go for a coffee break at Cafes Richard before/after a meal at Burger & Lobster OR Motorino!

Cafés Richard @ Genting Highlands

Their outlet at the resort is their first international foray into the retail world of cafés, providing a classy Parisian-style atmosphere where customers can experience the genuine French art of living and enjoy authentic espresso, original coffees and teas, as well as French food. hying away from some of the more conventional coffees, Cafés Richard carefully selects beans from around the world to give customers a sense of exploration and discovery.I am sure coffee lovers will approve of this.


This is one of their coffee makers that I spotted in their cafe that is used to make slow coffee. Do you know that it takes around 6 hours for the droplets to fill the flask?! This is the perfect example of quality vs quantity. I am no coffee drinker to judge, but my blogger friends who are were very impressed by its quality.

Customers who prefer slow coffee methods such as French press, chemex, syphon or cold drip can choose from Ethiopian Moka Yirgacheffe cultivated in the birthplace of coffee, Costa Rica Tarrazu cultivated on volcanic plateaus, Sumatra “Orang Utan” whose proceeds partly go towards helping the endangered orangutans of Indonesia, as well as the rare and premium Jamaican Blue Mountain.


Coffee lovers who like a twist to their caffeine intake have a choice of mocktails at Cafés Richard. Their recommendations include Flower Coffee Soda which is mixture of cold extracted coffee and sparkling soda with a bouquet of rose, hibiscus and elderflower. Spicy Monkey is another unique mocktail where coffee and tea are infused with cold extracted Sumatra Orang Utan spiced rooibos and chili syrup.


Pardon the blurry photo – I was actually trying to capture the server showing us a demonstration of how to drink the coffee. He placed a few ice cubes into a wine glass and poured a little of the coffee in. It was all about appreciating the premium taste of the coffee.


I had their hot chocolate which I really LOVE!!  Unlike other hot chocolate that I tasted, Cafes Richard’s version is different. Of course, it boils down to individual preference. I like it that it isn’t too thick (personally, I felt that too thick of the chocolate will produce excess phlegm) and the chocolate taste isn’t too overpowering. Definitely recommended to all individuals who are chocolate lovers.


A close-up of the yummy cuppa’ hot choco:



Look at that range of bites – I didn’t think they would be my cup of tea, but I ended up savoring them. It’s all authentic French food experience!


Of course, the coffee isn’t only the main highlight here:

There’s a legendary ambassador that can be found at the cafe who is known for his dashing looks – What an honor that I had the chance to see him in person after hearing how highly-raved he is! (He’s the one seated on the far left- SO HANDSOME RIGHT?!?! *blushes*) He’s none other than Thibault K Bidi. Google him and you will see loads of news about him!


Cafés Richard is located at Level 1, SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting, 69000 Genting Highland Resort!

Note: This was an invited media trip attended by mitsueki’s Blog writer/minion, Catherine

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