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Food Review | Absolute Thai @ Medini Mall JB

There are a couple of food options to choose from when you are at the Mall of Medini in Johor. One of the more popular choices will be Thai food from Absolute Thai – of which we decided to try during our recent trip!

Absolute Thai @ Medini Mall JB

Forgot to snap a photo of the shopfront but I did take photos of the brightly colored restaurant itself!

Absolute Thai Medini Mall (Legoland)
79250 Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia

The Menu

Was drawn in by the menu and they had quite a number of choices to choose from! You can find the full menu below for your reference!(:

The Food & Drinks

Here’s what we ordered for both of us to share! Started off with the quintessential cup of Thai iced tea for the bf and lychee drink for myself (latter is not pictured!).

For the bf’s main, he had the Thai fried rice with chicken which came with a piece of lovely Thai fried chicken wing and fried rice wth diced chicken. Fulfilling for a single plate dish.

I had the tom kha gai (coconut chicken soup) and added a bowl of rice plus sunny side up. Unfortunately the sunny side up was a dried fried egg so…don’t order that. Luckily my soup was good! Portion is small and I finished everything!

We also ordered a kailan with silver fish. Didn’t see any silver fish except garlic so yeah. On a brighter note – the vegetables were done nicely!

Initially we ordered the spring rolls but the kitchen ran out of it. Was replaced with the money bags instead. Unfortunately it was a total let down because instead of being stuffed with the usual vegetables and such, they stuffed with plenty of green peas (ugh), carrots, corn, some meat and such. Not a combination that people would favour unless you like peas.

The bf ended off with a honeydew Sago with coconut milk, a very average tasting dessert.

Our entire meal summed up in a picture!

In total we paid RM94.50 (S$32) for our meal. Definitely not cheap as it is almost the same price for a meal in Singapore, maybe just a tad cheaper? Oh well, at least most of the food was decent to fill the tummy.

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