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Beauty Rest with Linen House Bedding!

I usually talk about the beauty products that I use to keep my skin healthy and beautiful, but not today. I have a new focus now: my sleep routine. Beauty sleep is something we all need, and I take mine very seriously.  After a long day, there’s truly nothing better than lying down on fresh bed linen for a good night’s rest! I recently received a new stylish bed sheet set from Linen House, and they make my sleep routine so luxurious! 🙂 🙂

More About Linen House

Linen House is a family owned fashion bed linen company that has been operating for over 20 years.  I really love what they have bought to bedding market in Singapore. Linen House has a collection for just about every design aesthetic, like the glamour, boutique, natural and linen lines.  No matter what style you prefer, they seem to have something for everyone.  They even sell things for kids and your outdoor spaces.  You could find something from them to use in every room of your house!

Theresa Bed Linen Set

The print alone is a pretty sight.  The Theresa Quilt Cover Set is made of pure cotton and it feels amazing to snuggle into.  This bed sheet set comes with a duvet cover and pillowcases.  It would be easy to add pops of pastel color in with this set with by mixing in other pillows or a throw blankets.  The Linen House website offers a lot of different accessories like that to choose from.  If I had to choose, I’d add the Lark Blush Throw for more texture.  I already feel like I’m floating on a cloud with the Theresa bed linen set – the throw would be like marshmallows on top!

My Review & Verdict

Linen House’s team was super sweet to send me such a nice product.  The packaging was simple and straightforward. I opened the package and could immediately put the duvet cover and pillowcases on my bed. The print is nice and calming to see during the day.  It brightens up my space. Later when I was ready for bed, I took time to inspect the bed linen. It is flawless and well-made. The duvet cover and pillow cases are very soft so they make my bedding feel brand new. LOVE this linen set, so I definitely recommend it for you.

If you want to shop at Linen House, visit their site at the link below.  Like I said earlier, they have so many styles and items to choose from to make the textiles and linens in your house look great!  Follow their bed linen feed on social media to see linen inspiration and hear about sales.
Linen House
This guest post is brought to you by Linen House!

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