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Food Review | Crystal Jade Kitchen @ Suntec City (Pre-CNY Lunch 2017)

The bf treated my mom and I to a Pre-CNY lunch at Crystal Jade Kitchen at Suntec City recently and here’s a happy picture of my family 😍

Crystal Jade Kitchen Suntec City
Suntec City Mall #B1-013 & #B1-0283
Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038983

Oh, Crystal Jade doesn’t take reservations over the weekends for your reference. Even though the restaurant is relatively big, it’s really crowded at night hence we opted to go for lunch instead where it is easier to walk-in(:

Nibbled on the braised peanuts ($2.50) while perusing the menu. You can always request to remove them if you don’t want to pay the additional add on to your bill. 

The Menu

Mum was checking out the main menu book so we referred to the order sheet instead. Prices are all listed in the menu book for your reference. There were too many pages so I didn’t take them 😂

Started off with the bf’s soya bean milk (yeah at Crystal Jade) while my mom and I had Chinese tea ($1.60) and warm water (60cents) respectively. Note that they have a current promotion where you can get a drink + dessert for $5.80, not bad a deal (:

Starting off with our dimsum sides first! Luckily we had 3 people and most of their dimsums come in a set of 3, yay!

Custard Bun – $4.80 for 3

Their liu sha bao is not bad – thick, creamy and flowy. I quite enjoyed mine!

Mini Egg Tarts – $4.80 for 3

Egg tarts were average. Bite sized pieces that makes it convenient to eat! Can’t compare to the better ones from Spring Court!

Baked BBQ Honey Pork Bun – $4.80 for 3

Wasn’t a fan of their buns, Tim Ho Wan’s rendition is much better!

Shrimp Dumpling Soup Noodles – $7.80

My mom had the shrimp Dumpling Soup Noodles as her main. Remarked that she found it relatively enjoyable which is quite high praise coming from her.

Fried Rice with Chicken & Salted Fish – $14.80

The bf had the fried rice with chicken and salted fish. Almost impossible to go wrong with this combination and he enjoyed it. Note that he polished the whole plate himself and half of mine lol! 😂

Fried Rice with Baby Abalone & Olives – $16.80 (CNY Festive Menu)

I had one of their limited festive dishes, fried rice with baby abalone and Olives. Sorry all, don’t be fooled by the pictures; the Abalone size is about the size of your thumbnail. There’s plenty of it though so I feel that I totally ate my money’s worth at only $16.80! Shared with the bf and mom btw!

3 Combination Roast Platter – $23.80

We picked their signature pork belly, kampong chicken and roasted goose as our 3 Roasted meats! I liked the kampong chicken and signature pork belly best as the duck was quite tough! Personally, my favourite is still Char for roasted meats(:

Just check out our spread from our lunch meal and we finished EVERYTHING!

That’s not all, we ended with desserts for all 3 of us! The desserts were all nothing to shout about; skip if you are super full.

Mango Pudding – $4.80

It’s average and I got sick of eating it 1/2 through eating. Too much 😣😣

Aloe Vera Apple Jelly – $3.80

Mom was not impressed with her dessert but she finished it anyway.

Almond Jelly Beancurd – $4.80

No Almond Jelly can hold a candle to my mom’s homemade version. #nuffsaid

Overall Comments?

Decent food though let down by mediocre desserts – it was still an enjoyable meal at Crystal Jade Kitchen regardless! In total, the bf paid $113.20 for our meal which is very reasonable considering the food we consumed. In fact, he estimated the bill to be around $140 (I won cos I estimated it to be around $120 😝😝)!

Would be back again at Crystal Jade Kitchen next time! Now I only wished that baby abalone and Olives fried rice could be added to their menu permanently though… hahaha 😂😂😂

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