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5D4N Hong Kong & Macau Trip Travelogue Summary: 9 Nov – 13 Nov 2016 | mitsueki Travels

Can’t believe I went to Hong Kong twice in 2016! Went with my friends in January (haven’t posted about it) and just recently returned from another trip this Nov! Since I’ve already been to Hong Kong several times; I decided to include Macau in my itinerary this time!(:

Oh ya, from now on – new travelogue/staycation posts will be up every Thursdays as well as my usual Korea travelogues on Sundays!

5D4N Hong Kong & Macau Trip Travelogue Summary: 9 Nov – 13 Nov 2016

Here’s a summary post of my 5D4N trip to Hong Kong and Macau in November 2016 including my itinerary! Full travelogue will be up at a much, much later date but this summary post is already pretty comprehensive! 😉😉

I actually blogged about my Hong Kong trip back in 2015 (comprehensive posts), you can read it HERE!


First, this is a breakdown expense for our 5D4N Hong Kong & Macau trip:

  • Airfare: TigerAir, $390.18
  • Accommodation: $257.30 (Macau) / $186 (Airbnb)
  • Expenses: S$840
  • Total Costs for 2: $1674 
  • Price per Person: $837

Day 1 -Singapore, Hong Kong & Macau: Changi Airport / Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf / Hong Kong International Airport / Macau Ferry Terminal / Hotel Lisboa / 台灣老鋪 (9 Nov 2016)

Day 1 was pretty much wasted on traveling all the way to Macau. Regretted loads of stuff – should have either gone for a direct flight to Macau/stayed Day 1 in Hong Kong/selected an earlier flight timing. Either of the options would have been better..but too late for regrets, at least I’m wiser now! 😂😂

Met the bf at the airport in the morning for our 12.55pm flight to Hong Kong!

Mandatory passport selfie! Also regretted my ootd that day..so no full ootd taken cos the bf kept laughing 😑😑

Supposed to have a heavy brunch, ended up being a light and quick one at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf as we ran late!

Our TigerAir flight! Smarter now too to take the aisle seat from now on instead of window seat cos I do have quite bad plane phobia ironically HAHAHA!

Touched down in Hong Kong International Airport and proceeded to collect our Hong Kong/Macau MIFI device! Cheap and good, only $25 for 5 days from Klook

Cabbed to the Hong Kong–Macau Ferry Terminal (Macau Ferry Terminal) in Sheung Wan from the airport. Note that the cab ride is pretty expensive (30-45 mins, S$60 with tolls) so I suggest you take public transportation if you have more time to spare or opt for the direct ferry to Macau from the airport if you can meet the ferry timing (only 5 timings a day!).

Bought our Turbojet tickets!

Gosh was it a bad time to be at the ferry terminal at around 7-8pm! Huge crowds of Mainland Chinese tourists that will make you super frustrated waiting in line with them.

Exhausted on our 1 hour ferry ride to Macau. Try to speak Cantonese or English to get allocated window seats in Economy class or be upgraded to Super Class which we enjoyed!

Luckily we were also “rewarded” with a complimentary upgrade to a Suite room upon checking into our hotel, Lisboa Hotel! What a huge upgrade, thank you! In case you were wondering, no requests were made, the reception just upgraded us just like that!

We finally had a proper sit down dinner around 8-9pm. Not many eateries were open at this time so we popped by a 24 hour Taiwanese eatery 台灣老鋪 for some hot food. Yeah..eating Taiwanese food in Macau lol.

Ended off the day with grocery shopping and snacks!

Day 2 – Macau: Cafe e Nata Margarets / Cafe Ou Mun / Senado Square & Ruins of St Paul’s / Hello Kitty Obrigado / Tai Lei Loi Kei / The Venetian Macau / Lord Stows Bakery (10 Nov 2016)

Day 2 was a pretty busy day! Started off with having portugese egg tarts from Margarets Cafe e Nata! DAMN they were good!

Lunch was at Cafe Ou Mun for some authentic Portugese food. Boy is Macau expensive! It was almost S$70 for our meal with just 2 dishes!

Checked out Senado Square & the Ruins of St Paul’s!

Took my ootd here at the ruins as my backdrop! Full outfit from ezbuy (Sign up for $5 credits HERE!)

Crowded but pretty place. Oh and it was cold, windy and drizzling the ENTIRE day. I took off my jacket and threw my umbrella aside for all these ootd photos Lol!

Spotted a Japanese collector toy shop next to the Ruins of St Pauls. Bought a Pikachu toy just because lol.

Stopped by Hello Kitty Obrigado to buy a mini egg tart! Seriously, it’s bite sized!

Next up was to try a Macau pork chop bun from the Famous Tai Lei Loi Kei! The original outlet is at Taipa Village but they have an outlet around the Senado Square. This one is just steps away from Cafe Ou Mun and Hello Kitty Obrigado!

Took the shuttle bus from our hotel to the ferry terminal before changing to another shuttle bus towards the other side of Macau. Didn’t have time to visit Taipa Village so I decided to just check out The Venetian. Don’t like the fact that all different hotels and casinos are spread out!

The Venetian is gorgeous and the experience mirrored the one at the other Venetian in Las Vegas where I’ve been. But The Venetian in Macau is much bigger I believe! Hope to visit the real Venice one day!

Okay but seriously, I was here to try out the portugese egg tart from Lord Stow’s Bakery! Again, not the original outlet but this is the closest I can get to trying them! VERY GOOD, I think I prefer Lord Stows over Margaret E Nata but the bf prefers the latter!

Macau is too expensive to keep dining out so we kept our expenses low by dining on supermarket food upon our return back to our hotel. Just sharing a funny joke – the supermarket didn’t have chopsticks (I couldn’t get my hands on one either) and I had Japanese Soba noodles. Go figure 😂😂😂

Day 3 – Macau & Hong Kong: Cafe e Nata Margarets / Chan Kong Kei / Grand Lisboa Casino / Macau Tower / The 16th Macau Food Festival (Tim Ho Wan & San Hou Lei) / Hong Kong Airbnb / McDonald’s Hong Kong (11 Nov 2016)

Starting off the day right with an ootd against this gorgeous wall! Knitted top from Agneselle, bottom from MDS and knee high socks/stockings from ezbuy (Sign up for $5 credits HERE!)!

Couldn’t leave Macau without having 1 more egg tart from Margaret Cafe e Nata once again. Lord Stows was too far away 😂😂

Lunch was at Chan Kong Kei, famous for their black pepper roasted goose and duck!

P.s – It was 11/11 Singles Day and my app automatically watermarked the 11/11 sign on my pictures! Didn’t notice till it was too late..so expect this weird watermark on some of my photos..

We spent some time at Grand Lisboa Casino just checking out the casino and playing the slot machine. Just to share – yes, we ALWAYS got checked. Bring your passports everywhere ya?

Hohohoho gambling is addictive.

Took a free shuttle bus to Macau Tower. But nope, we didn’t visit it – I snapped a photo though lol.

Instead, we were here for the 16th Macau Food Festival! Muhahahha, I always do my research before my trips to find out if there are any events running so I don’t miss out!

We didn’t get to go Taipa Village but yay, I managed to try my birds nest egg tart from San Hou Lei and the char siew bun from Tim Ho Wan!

This yakisoba is so Meh I only ate the egg.

However, we left feeling very disappointed and unhappy with the festival after that as throughout it all, we experience 2 negative issues that really marred the experience. Read HERE for my Facebook rant.

Took the Turbojet ferry back to Hong Kong that night! Didn’t get upgraded to Super Class this round but got the better Economy seats. Remember to speak Cantonese or English!

Checked into our Airbnb (sign up with Airbnb for S$40 credits) in Jordan!

Ended the day by having McDonald’s in Hong Kong! Managed to try a few items not available in Singapore – bbq/herbs&spicy Mcwings (not pictured), corn & mushroom soup, corn pie, pork sausage McMuffin with egg, milk tea and hot chocolate!

Day 4 – Hong Kong: Australia Dairy Company / Mobile Softee / Ladies Street/ Bai Wei Cold Noodles / Argyle Centre / Modos Egglets / Yan Toh Heen / Cobo House by 2am: Dessert Bar (12 Nov 2016)

Had some difficulties choosing between my ootd for Day 4! Luckily I brought a backup set as I wasn’t too keen on my original outfit, lol!

Original dress from ShopSassyDream, later I changed to my schoolgirl outfit – top from ezbuy (Sign up for $5 credits HERE!) and skorts from Thailand.

Brunch was at my favourite Australia Dairy Company where we had our must orders – their set meal of soup spaghetti with beef/ham (depending if it’s the morning or all day set), toasted bread with their famous scrambled eggs and ham as well as an extra order of their steamed egg white milk pudding. Perfect way to start off our day!

Dessert was from the Mobile Softee van when we went to Mongkok!

Randomly checked out the stalls at Mongkok and Ladies Market. The bf needed a respite from the weather (it was relatively warm, not cold anymore!) so we headed to New Town Mall / Argyle Centre!

Bai Wei Cold Noodles as our snack!

Shopping for me! Bought a couple of apparels but all suited for winter wear though.

Snack attack of chocolate egglets from a Modos outlet at Argyle Centre!

We went to meet up with the bf’s friend from Hong Kong and he brought us on a gastronomical journey! This marks my first time dining in a 2 Michelin star restaurant – Yan Toh Heen in Intercontinental Hotel where we had one of Hong Kong’s best peking duck as well as an array of amazing dishes!

Followed by gorgeous and delicious desserts at Janice Wong’s Cobo House!

Thank you Victor!(:

Back to reality after that – here’s showing my loots for the day!

Day 5 – Hong Kong & Singapore: Yat Lok Restaurant / Central / Honolulu Cafe / Souvenir Shopping / Airport / Home Sweet Home! (13 Nov 2016)

5 days in Hong Kong passed by in a blink of an eye (technically 4D4N!) and it was time to be headed home that night. Left our luggages at our Airbnb (sign up with Airbnb for S$40 credits) first before heading out to Central!

Lunch was at Yat Lok Restaurant where I had my favourite roasted goose x char siew rice combo!

Ootd on the cobbled steps at Pottinger Street in Central. Bell sleeve top from Thailand and my trusty/recycled MDS skorts again!

Couldn’t leave Hong Kong without a trip to Honolulu Cafe for my favourite egg tarts! Their pineapple polo bun and chicken pie is just okay; go for their egg tarts!

Last minute souvenir shopping at the stalls around Central.

Uber-ed to the airport as it’s cheaper and we had too many luggages to carry onboard the Airport bus (bf is lazy). Lol

That’s it for our Hong Kong and Macau trip this round! Till the next trip with the bf 😁😁

Ending off with our McDonald’s supper at 4am that night!

Unpacking at 4.30am 😂😂

Oh did I mentioned that I dabao-ed my Honolulu egg tarts back to Singapore? HAHAHHA! Yes, I handcarried them all the way and they turned out okay. Just pop into the microwave before eating and you’re good.

See you again next time Hong Kong / Macau! I’ll be back! 😊😊

I actually blogged about my Hong Kong trip back in 2015 (comprehensive posts), you can read it HERE!

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