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Food Review | Kuro-Obi by Ippudo @ Marina Bay Sands Singapore (Ramen Takeaway)

KURO-OBI by IPPUDO opens today on 13 January 2017 and I had the lovely privilege of trying out their ramen yesterday prior to their opening!

IPPUDO x KURO-OBI @ Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Located at Marina Bay Sands right next to Ippudo’s latest outlet (their 9th outlet), it is pretty easy to take notice of this new ramen joint due to their open kitchen concept!

Ippudo x Kuro-Obi
2 Bayfront Avenue #B2-54 Marina Bay Sands Singapore 018972

In case you were wondering, KURO-OBI specializes in quick service ramen takeaway – this means you can enjoy a quality bowl of ramen on the go; which is great especially if you are pressed for time and can’t sit down to enjoy the full IPPUDO experience!

The Menu

For your reference, you can view the KURO-OBI menu below. Prices are affordable ranging from $8 – $12 for Ramen and $5 – $8 for the sides!

Oh, did I mention that they are the ONLY concept by Ippudo in the WORLD to offer Tori-paitan, a delicate and silky chicken soup base (100% chicken) for some of their Ramen options? Yes, their ramen comes with chicken chashu instead of the traditional pork chasu too! 😝😝

For a quick service/takeaway ramen concept, I was pleasantly suprised to find out that I could customize my ramen to my preferences – hardness of noodles/flavor intensity/oil/topping options and more!

Upon filling up your order chit, your ramen will be prepared in minutes in front of your eyes by these KURO-OBI chefs with their signature beanies!

Kuro-Obi Ramen Takeaway

Your Kuro-Obi Ramen will be served in this takeaway container as pictured below. Find a spot to sit at the food court to enjoy a quick lunch or bring it back to office/home to savor your ramen while working!

Note that each bowl of Ramen comes with 140g of thick yellow noodles, (like Hokkein mee) which is 40g heavier than the IPPUDO standard ramen. Would say that they are definitely filling as the thick noodles soak up the soup!

Speaking of the soup – it’s a nice creamy chicken broth (tori-paitan), definitely not as rich/thick/fatty as the usual pork Tonkatsu broth!

The Ramen

Here’s taking a closer look at the 4 Kuro-Obi Ramen options available for takeaway!

#1 KURO-OBI – $12

This is the full fledged Ramen Takeaway to order with seafood, 3 pieces of chicken chasu and an umami egg in their Tori-paitan (chicken broth).

#2 SHIRO-OBI – $8

Just want the basic Ramen without the extras (seaweed/unami egg) and a slice of chicken chasu in a Tori-paitan (chicken broth)? Then go for the SHIRO-OBI; the cheapest Ramen on the menu!

#3 AKA-OBI – $10

Looking for something more spicy in mind? Then try the AKA-OBI! No chicken chasu here but it comes with spicy shrimp floss in Tori-paitan (chicken broth)! Oh boy does it look spicy!?

#4 CHA-OBI – $9 (Vegetarian)

For something light or if you are looking for a vegetarian option, go for the CHA-OBI that comes with vegetables and a light vegetable broth.

We didn’t get to try the KURO-OBI sides such as karage and takoyaki but I’m sure they will complement your ramen perfectly!(:

Just sharing, this quick service/takeaway ramen concept proved to be really popular when it was launched in New York and they believe that it would be the same here in Singapore too!

Overall Comments

I would say that it’s an clever concept as it opens up more options for diners to choose from.

  • Feel like having Ramen but don’t really have the time to sit down and enjoy it? Then head to KURO-OBI for a Ramen Takeaway!
  • If you want the full fledged ramen dining experience and have the time to spare – just head over to the IPPUDO sit down outlet next door instead!

Which will be more popular? Well, time will tell! 😝😝

Thanks IPPUDO/KURO-OBI and my fave BC girls for the lovely invitation!(:

Note: This was an invited food tasting but all opinions are of my own!

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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