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Christmas Festive Buffet 2016 @ The Square Novotel Clarke Quay

This year for Christmas, the bf treated my mom to an early Christmas lunch buffet and I got to tag along for freeeeeeeee yay! Helped him to narrow down the choices available in Singapore as there are not many festive buffets in Singapore that run for the entire month of December and it was a toss up beteeen Novotel, Crowne Plaza, Marriott and a few other places.

Festive Dining @ The Square, Novotel Clarke Quay 

In the end, the bf decided to go for The Square at Novotel Clarke Quay – which we were there on a Saturday afternoon on 3 Dec!

The Square @ Novotel Clarke Quay (7th Floor)
177A River Valley Rd, Singapore 179031

Plenty of available seats and bright lighting!

Bonus photo of my mom snapping photos of the pretty Christmas decor lol.

Festive Dining @ The Square, Novotel Clarke Quay – The Prices

In case you were wondering about the prices of the buffet. It starts at $48++ for adults and $39++ for senior citizens for a weekend lunch buffet. Not too bad considering it is technically a festive buffet.

Highlights of the festive buffet below.

Festive Buffet Offerings

Let’s take a quick look at their buffet offerings shall we?

Only 3 seafood to choose from – prawns, oysters and black mussels. Surprisingly, not many people took them so I whacked like 14 oysters during my visit lol!

Assorted Olives, bread, cheese, crackers and spreads.

DIY Salad bar with assorted dressings and toppings.

Cold cuts.

Premade salads ranging from prawn achar and Angel hair pasta.

There is a kebab roll station and chilli crab.

Satay. You will be surprised that it was good.

Dimsum and you can order laksa, Tom yum and noodles with clear broth from the live station.

Other soups – crab meat and Asparagus. Other selection of Chinese food can be found on the right from sweet and sour pork, fried rice and a few others.

For Western, we have carved turkey and roasted potatoes at the live station. You can also order carbonara and a few western dishes as well. Note that the live stations are all manned by a single chef or two at that period of time.

Other Western dishes include gratin Pumpkin, sautéed clams and lamb stew.

And onwards to the desserts! Plenty of assorted cakes, Christmas pudding, log cake and gingerbread cookies. Madeleines and shotglass desserts behind them!

Chocolate fountain with fruit and marshmallow dips as well as cut fresh fruits. Melon Sago and durian pengat can be found behind!

DIY Ice kachang and ice cream bar (not pictured on the right).

Free flow coffee and tea.

Just sharing some snaps of the food we ate!

My bf helping me to crack my chilli crab for the first time (he’s allergic to seafood btw). Glad that they actually provide lemon water and those crab crackers thingy 😅

Okay snaps of myself with my huge crab claw. Thanks Xuan 😜

My plates of oysters. Fresh and good.

Overall, it was a satisfying meal at The Square at Novotel Clarke Quay and all of us (even my mom) gave it a thumbs up! The buffet selection is quite small but I would have to say that the quality and service makes up for it. Much better than a number of bigger name/more expensive hotel buffets out there!

In total, the bf paid $129 for 3 persons in total and we even had an additional credit card discount of 20%! Not bad..means it was $43 per pax 😝 Will be back again next time!

Ending off with a photo of my mom and I! The bf was holding the camera btw lol. Yeah..I forgot to take a photo of all 3 of us but oh well, this would suffice 😂

This is just the start of many festive Dining to come! Have a lovely time this Christmas!

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