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Where to find Honey Butter Nuts in Singapore?

Seems like the craze for honey butter related snacks hasn’t died down yet in Singapore! The latest trend is for honey butter nuts from the brand, Kkoh Shaem / Tom’s Farm with the distinctive yellow packaging!

Where to find Honey Butter Nuts in SINGAPORE?

People are going crazy buying packets of these honey butter nuts in Korea back to Singapore when you can actually find them in Singapore easily at….


Behold the range of honey butter products available at SHINE KOREA SUPERMARKET below!

You can find the HONEY BUTTER ALMOND and HONEY BUTTER CASHEW NUT easily in the 35g / 250g resealable packets retailing at $1.90 and $11.90 respectively.

Also spotted are the more unique flavors such as HONEY BUTTER MIX NUT and CARAMEL, ALMOND & PRETZEL! These are more expensive than the usual Cashew and Almond ones though.

And of course, the popular WASABI ALMOND!

It may be slightly more expensive purchasing these nuts from SHINE Korea compared to Korea itself but it is only a difference of $1 – $5 at the max. Hey; well at least now you know where you can satisfy your honey butter nut cravings!

If you were wondering, the SHINE Korea Supermarket that I usually frequent is the outlet located at PoMo! Here’s the full list of SHINE supermarkets for your reference. Don’t say I never share ah 😛

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