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3 ways you can get your hands on Chun Cui He drinks in Singapore!

Okay, so we don’t have Pokemon Go in Singapore as yet but we have something just as elusive and popular – the Taiwan Chun Cui He 純萃喝 drinks that are now available at selected 7-11 stores in Singapore!

Chun Cui He (純萃喝) Singapore

Here’s the BIGGEST problem with this Chun Cui He drinks – they are so popular that it’s almost impossible to find them as they are pretty much snapped up ASAP by throngs of crazed Singaporeans (unless you are lucky la!). Even I went looking at a couple of 7-11s recently and never saw any! 😑

3 ways you can get your hands on Chun Cui He

純萃喝 drinks in Singapore

Currently only 2 flavors are available for now in Singapore – the Chun Cui He milk tea and Chun Cui He latte flavors both priced at S$2.80 per bottle. At this moment, only selected 7-11 stores carry the Chun Cui He brand.

desert CAMPING (1)

Anyway, if you don’t want to go hunting around aimlessly at all the 7-11 stores in Singapore, here are 3 ways you can get your hands on Chun Cui He 純萃喝 drinks in Singapore:

  1. Camp at the unofficial Chun Cui He Facebook page HERE where the creator has been updating statuses of where you can still find Chun Cui He tea stocks at 7-11 islandwide in Singapore.
  2. Just request overseas travellers to Taiwan to help you get your bottles of Chun Cui He drinks off AirFrov! Get $10 credits when you use my Airfrov code “MITSU” for new sign ups!
  3. Wait for the trend to die off then slowly walk into any 7-11 in Singapore to get your Chun Cui He drink, the fuss-free way. That is assuming that the Chun Cui He drinks will be available at all 7-11 island wide in the future.
  4. NEWLY UPDATED 3 Aug 16: Many Carousell Users are actually selling bottles of Chun Cui He drinks so you can purchase from them off Carousell!

Chun Cui He Singapore Insider News (UNVERIFIED)

By the way, I struck gold at a particular 7-11 when I got my hands on a set of Chun Cui He milk tea and latte.. and one of the staff shared some insider news with me. How true is it I’m not sure but here you go. Please note this is NOT VERIFIED news:

  • The delivery for these babies come around 3am daily for some 7-11 outlets 
  • The selected 7-11 outlets only carries around 80-90 bottles daily, for now. (That is for that particular outlet I went.) It is predicted that they will increase the stock due to the crazy demand. 
  • New flavors other than milk tea and latte will be available from next month onwards.

Not sharing the outlet I went just in case I accidentally implicate the person who shared the news with me above!


Hope you get your hands on your Chun Cui He drinks soon if you haven’t. I personally don’t drink it as I am not a fan of milk tea but if the bf says it’s good – it should be right? (Especially considering that he drank a bottle or 2 daily on Taiwan back on 2013!) 😂😂

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